Pop Quiz: When is National Etiquette Week??

That’s right, it’s now… May 10–14, 2010. Did you know that National Etiquette Week’s the recognition of etiquette and protocol in all areas of American life—business, social, dining, travel, technology, wedding and international protocol. That’s a mouthful.

Next Pop Quiz: What breach in etiquette drives you crazy? That’s the top question on Kaboose today. Leading the pack in answers: “Not saying thank you.”

Disney is getting into the spirit by featuring special programming to help raise awareness about courtesy, civility, kindness and manners as well as rally people to act with good manners in their everyday lives.

Can You Teach My Alligator MannersTune into Playhouse Disney this week for the hit short-form series, “Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?,” beginning May 10 -14 (8:25 am/7:25am c ) on Disney Channel. “Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?” stars Mikey and his pet alligator, Al. Mikey encourages viewers to help him teach his scaly best friend how to behave properly. Whether it’s being a good sport on the playground or how to behave properly at the library or in a restaurant, it’s up to Mikey and preschoolers to help Al learn good manners.

In addition to the special programming, beginning May 10, parents and preschoolers will be able to visit www.PlayhouseDisney.com and download super  cool color print-outs of Mikey and Al’s tips  on how to have good manners in various situations including Team Sports, Nature Park, Museum, Swimming Pool, Elevator, among others.
For preschoolers (or parents) who are table manner challenged, you can also print out a placemat which features great tips on good table manners.

This is a great start for helping remind kids about things we try to teach them at home – please feel free to share this with your friends (and the kids who your kids play with – who you want to send home when they are not being model citizenswink).