WebTV Workshop: Pro-Panel Wednesday LIVE Streaming

We’re so excited to work with the team at WebTV Workshop in Hollywood. They offer a month long course on creating your web series – from writing to promoting it. Founders Diahnna Nicole Baxter and Damian Pelliconne are very passionate about helping the creative producers, directors, writers and actors learn how to be successful in this field. Diahnna co-created, co- wrote and starred in the first series to ever win an Emmy Award for the web, SATACRACY 88. Damian is the head of Stella Entertainment and has starred, produced and cast over fifteen successful Internet productions.

Web TV Workshop

Their first Pro-Panel will be produced and streamed LIVE by Mingle Media TV Wednesday night 9 PM PST (and will be available on your smart phone for watching on the go and will be recorded for on-demand replay).  You can watch the LIVE stream here on MMTVN.

Guests on the first Pro-Panel are Streamy Award Winner (writer) Bernie Su (Compulsions.tv), Amanda Coolong, Exec Producer of TechZulu & ThisWeekIn.com, Liz Shannon Miller (NewTeeVee, Editor). You can follow them on Twitter and you can also ask questions for the panel by tweeting your questions to @WebTVWorkshop.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the best and brightest on these Pro-Panels here on Mingle Media TV.