6th Annual Toscar Awards Red Carpet Report

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6th Annual Toscar Awards, a set on Flickr.

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Linda Antwi, were invited to cover the 6th Annual Toscar Awards at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. The red carpet awards ceremony is a black tie affair and was attended by notable celebrities and entertainment industry executives.

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We interviewed Doris Roberts, Eric Roberts, Janina Gavankar, HBO’s “True Blood”, Rex Lee, ABC’s “Suburgatory” along with The Toscars Teams:

  • Brian Rodda, Team “Silver Whinings Payback”, @BrianRodda
  • Ewan Chung & Helen Soraya, Team “Half Past Twelve (at Night)”
  • John Alexander & Belinda Gosbee, Team “Breasts of the Southland”
  • John Mawson, Team “Silver Whinings Payback”
  • Maria Elena Infantino & Max Bartoli, Team “Stargo”
  • Matt Crabtree, Team “Skyfell (and I can’t get up)”, @TheMattCrabtree
  • Nicholas Hosking & Laura Waddell, Team “Djangle Unleashed”
  • Peter Fuentes, Team “Life on P1”
  • Rick Garcia, Team “Life on P1”
  • Sandro Monetti & Marina Paganucci, Team “Miserable Lesbian”
  • Team Z’Amour
  • Tehmina Sunny, “Argo” & Team “Stargo”

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About the Toscars
Every year after the Oscars are announced, the Toscars participants have only three weeks to make a short parody of the films, which are played live in Hollywood and judged live by our celebrity judges. It is a chance for the entertainment industry to have a good old-fashioned giggle.

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This year’s titles are: Zamour, Link-In, Life on P1, Breasts of the Southland Wild, Stargo, Miserable Lesbians, Silver Whinings Payback, Half Past Twelve (At Night), Skyfell (And I Can’t Get Up), and Djangle (Unleashed). Find out more here at thetoscars.com.

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