24th Annual #FriendlyHouseLA Awards

Earl Hightower, Sydney Holland, & Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0097IMG_6563DSC_0178Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0135Lindy FLemming & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0025Charlie Colin - DSC_0085
Michael Hollingsworth & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0018Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0050DSC_0003Brogyn Gage & Nigel Lythgoe - IMG_6566Brogyn Gage & Eden Sassoon - IMG_6571Earl Hightower, Sydney Holland, & Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0090
Jennifer Bassey - DSC_0218Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0015Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0061Katherine Bailess - DSC_0238Earl Hightower - DSC_0076Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0151
Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0053Carrie White, Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0142Katherine Bailess - DSC_0235Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0033Katherine Bailess & Megan - DSC_0228Jennifer Bassey - DSC_0216

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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Brogyn Gage, were invited to come out to cover Friendly House Los Angeles’ 24th Annual Awards Luncheon. This year Winn Claybaugh, author and Dean and Co-Founder of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s schools will be honored with the “Humanitarian of the Year” award along with Earl Hightower, Founder, Hightower Associates with the “Excellence in Service” award and Sydney Holland, renowned philanthropist and CEO of Rich Hippie Production with the “Woman of the Year” award. Viola Davis and Sumner Redstone served as Honorary Co-Chairs along with Peggy Albrecht and Michael Hollingsworth.

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About Friendly House
Friendly House was founded in 1951 and was the first home in the country for women recovering from substance and alcohol abuse and is a model for recovery homes in the United States and Europe. They have successfully treated thousands of women with a success rate of 76% compared to the hospital average of 35%. The organization is solely supported by private donations and grants and by the fundraising efforts of the Board of Directors, Grateful Hearts (former residents of Friendly House). For more information, please visit www.FriendlyHouseLA.org.

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