Making Cents of YOUR Money! New on #MMTVN

Just when we thought the economy couldn’t get any worse, recent reports of consumer spending taking a jump but nothing changed with the economy – so how did that happen? We can’t all be saving money when so many are fighting to just make ends meet. We can’t raid our retirement funds if we can’t even afford to do it… or can we? Have a savings account, have a retirement fund, take a vacation and more…

Meet the host of our newest show: Kelly Whalen of the popular site: Centsible Life where she helps you make cents out of family life. Kelly will talk about money, debt reduction, saving, being frugal, and finding budget-friendly products for your family.

Join her each week for her live web show here on MMTVN – 8 PM ET. You can ask questions or share your tips with the other viewers attending her show.

Relationship Rehab – You know who you are…

When I came across the genius team behind @CoupleDumb, Lee and Paul, I have to tell you I kicked myself for not living in South Florida any more! These are the people you want to hang out with. The ones who tell it like it is, have no hidden agendas, love each other, and are  smart and sassy!

Sometimes we have problems facing the facts… okay, some of us more than others and how many times do you really need to learn that lesson?? Hmmm. Lee and Paul have been together for 20 years and have things figured out – it’s called, recognizing the dumb things people do to ruin their relationships from lovers to friends to work.

Join us each week as we talk about relationships, from a straight-talking couple who bring humor with the bitter reality. You’ll be happy you did!!