Movement for Change Charity Event Red Carpet

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John Salley - DSC_0016John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0022John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0023John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0024John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0025John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0026
John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0027John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0028John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0029John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0030John Salley & Jerry West - DSC_0031

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Mingle Media TV and host JJ Walker were invited to come out and cover the Walking With Anthony “Movement for Change” Charity Event hosted by Basketball Legend John Salley and honoring Dr. Oswald Steward.

View our Video Interviews from the Red Carpet Here

Walking With Anthony is inspired by Anthony Purcell, who was paralyzed after a diving accident in 2010, but can now stand with the help of a walker through persistent treatment that far exceeded the suggested standard doctor’s recommendation. With about 12,000 people falling victim to SCI each year, it is the organization’s hope to increase SCI research and provide financial assistance to SCI victims. For more info visit

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Mom, Comedian Kerri Pomarolli’s Laugh Break on Mingle Media TV

Today was going to be the original launch date of Kerri’s Laugh Break show on the Mingle Media TV Network, she is however on the road (she travels 40 weeks a year speaking at conferences, doing her stand up act and more) and in an area in Arkansas with very spotty Internet. We will be airing this segment at 4 PM ET today on her Laugh Break show, please tune in.

To honor the children around the world in need and especially in Haiti, Kerri has asked us to have a replay of the video she took of a trip she and her husband went on to Swaziland Africa to support and volunteer in the orphanages run by “Heart for Africa”  to help inspire viewers to reach out to their communities and to help the children in Haiti and other nations as they are able.

You can read more about Kerri’s trip here and check out some more information about what Kerri does on her website.

Be sure to tune in next week for Kerri’s LIVE Laugh Break show here on Mingle Media TV.