Justin Bieber Unveils the mRobo Ultra Bass Portable Speaker at CES 2012

Who would you want to help you launch your new “transforming” robot into speaker system other than the #1 Pop Star – Justin Bieber! Justin was at the TOSY Robotics booth at CES 2012 in Las Vegas today and something tells me he gets to take one home with him… watch as this new mRobo Ultra Bass Portable Speaker was unveiled today.

TOSY Robotics JSC®, a leading robotics and high-tech toys manufacturer based in Vietnam, today unveiled mRobo Ultra Bass™, a state-of-the-art portable speaker that doubles as a dancing robot.  Boasting two gigabytes of internal memory, the battery powered mRobo allows users to upload about 500 songs into the device via a USB port and select which tracks to play using a provided remote. The music will play through an integrated speaker, with the ability to produce bass at 40Hz. Once the music begins playing, mRobo, which can listen to its own music, music from other devices, or music streamed via Bluetooth, will instantly transform, growing a head, legs and arms, and will groove through a series of pre-programmed dance moves to virtually any genre of music.

Justin Bieber TOSY Robot Unveiling

Its capacity to transform back into a speaker makes mRobo completely portable and ideal for the consumer on the go. As a speaker, mRobo weighs approximately 3.3 pounds and measures 4.3 inches (W) x 6.3 inches (L) x 7.9 inches (H), and stands at just under 18 inches when it transforms into a robot. The battery operated mRobo uses software to analyze music for beats and rhythms to which it responds with corresponding moves.

Justin Bieber TOSY Robot Unveiling

mRobo Ultra Bass is expected to retail for $199.00 (USD) and launch in the fall of 2012. For additional information regarding mRobo and the full line of TOSY robotics, please visit www.tosy.com for more info.

Justin Bieber TOSY Robot Unveiling

About TOSY®
TOSY was founded by a robotics guru team and first went into operation in 2002 after many years of experience in mechanical engineering. From the very beginning, the Vietnam-based company has always placed the highest priority on research and development with the motto “Creativeness and modern technology are key factors for success.” It is the manufacturer of the award-winning TOSY® AFO™, a flying boomerang with a smart LED system that can return precisely to its point of origin, and the Guinness World Records holder TOSY TOOP, a non-stop collectible battling top with flexible controllability. For more information on TOSY and its products, visit www.tosy.com.

Photos and video courtesy of MWWGroup www.mww.com