2013 Media Access Awards #MediaAccessAwards

Ashley Bornancin - DSC_0100George R. R. Martin - DSC_0019Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0083Fred Willard & George R. R. Martin - IMG_6254David Shore - DSC_0025DSC_0113
Frank Marshall - DSC_0038Ashley Bornancin & Shoshanna Stern - IMG_6304Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0089Ashley Bornancin & Marlee Matlin - IMG_6312Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0086Ashley Bornancin & Gerri Jewell - DSC_0047
Ashley Bornancin & Deedee Bradley - IMG_6276Greg Grunberg - IMG_6267George R. R. Martin - DSC_0010Ashley Bornancin & George R. R. Martin - IMG_6259Ashley Bornancin & Greg Grunberg - IMG_6282Ashley Bornancin & Ryan Lane - IMG_6283
DSC_0002Deedee Bradley & Ryan Lane - DSC_0063Deedee Bradley & Ryan Lane - DSC_0066George R. R. Martin - DSC_0031Ashley Bornancin, Gerri Jewel & Normal Lear - DSC_0045Greg Grunberg - IMG_6303

Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Ashley Bornancin, were invited to come out to the 2013 Media Access Awards honoring, highlighting, and promoting disability and its depictions in film, television, and new media. This year’s press breakfast was held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

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About the Media Access Awards

The Media Access Awards aim to recognize depictions of disability that are accurate, inclusive, and multi-faceted. Our press breakfast and awards ceremony honor those industry professionals who have advanced disability-related narrative in fields including writing, producing, casting, performance, and directing. We are proud and pleased to be at the forefront of creating and promoting opportunities for some of the brightest talents in the industry. mediaaccessawards.com www.facebook.com/MediaAccessAwards

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