ABC’s Bachelorette Delivers Best of The True Love Story With Wedding Sunday Night!

What was your something borrowed, something blue?

What was your something borrowed, something blue?

Earlier this week, Stephanie, from our Red Carpet Report team, got to speak with ABC’s Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and now husband , J.P. Rosenbaum about their wedding (which will be aired on Sunday, December 16th at 9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central on ABC).

We still remember the first time ABC aired the first “Bachelor/Bachelorette” show and as true romantics, we have always hoped each ending would be a truly happy ending and after a close call when Ashley was on the 15th edition of “The Bachelor” with Brad Womack, it was lucky number seven of “The Bachelorette”  that Ashley met J.P. and found true love.

Reality TV or Real Deal?

J.P. and Ashley are the real deal. They get how relationships work, because they work at it. Anyone who has been in a successful relationship that has failed or not, know there are perils to any union and making and keeping that love commitment to each other is how things work out for any couple who truly want it to work.

Sunday’s Broadcast

We’ll get to see  some of the past Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, family members and friends who were invited to help Ashley and J.P. celebrate their fairytale wedding. Click here to see more photos from the event on ABC.

Here’s part of the conversation we had with Ashley and J.P. about their new life together:

Operator: Your next question comes from Stephanie from Red Carpet Report.

Stephanie:  Hi guys, congratulations. 

Ashley: Thank you.

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):   I just want you to know I was crying the whole time.

 Ashley:  Wait ’til Sunday.

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):   I’m already crying now, are you kidding?  I’m so happy for you guys.

 J. P.:   If my mom can make it through, you can make it through it.

 Stephanie (Red Carpet Report): Yes OK, alright I’ll try.  I’ll just have a box of Kleenex.

Ashley:  Yes, there you go.

 Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):  What was your something borrowed, something blue?

Ashley:  Oh my goodness, I didn’t do that!

J. P.:   Well we didn’t have any of that.  So Mindy had given Ashley, babe you know those things that you put on the bottom of your shoes? 

Ashley:  I know baby but I only put them after the wedding.

J. P.:   Oh but they don’t need to know that.

Ashley:   No, you know what, I didn’t do that.  I don’t know why.  I’m hoping it’s not bad luck.

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):   It’s just an old wives tale, don’t worry about it.

J. P.:      See babe?

 Ashley:  I know, but I should have done it.

 Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):  Well that’s alright.  What is your favorite thing to do together?

 Ashley:  Oh my goodness.  You know my answer babe.

 J. P.:  Yes.  It’s going to be a boring answer for all of you but—

J. P.:   Sitting home alone, ordering in and sleeping, laying on the couch.  Fortunately we have a really good excuse to do that any weekend we want.  Because once we moved to Princeton, we’re now at least an hour, hour and fifteen minutes away from anything we want to do, whether it’s hanging out with friends and family in the city, whether it’s go to the shore, go to Philly.  So we always have an excuse, oh it’s an hour‑and‑a‑half away.  We can just stay home and hang out on the couch.  I think we really love to do it anyway, so it’s not so much an excuse but. . .

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):  No that’s awesome, that’s good.

Ashley: It sounds terrible!

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):   No.

Ashley:    It sounds terrible, we’re like the grandma and grandpa over here.

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):  And one last question, so what is, any words of wisdom that you have for any future Bachelor/Bachelorette couples that may really find love like you guys have?  How to make it through?

Ashley:  I think the biggest thing is just to be true to yourself and to be true to the way you feel.  Don’t force anything.  Just let whatever’s going to happen, happen.  I don’t know if that’s going to make more successful couples or less, but I just think it’s important from the beginning to just always be true to yourself.

J. P.:   Mm-hmm.

Ashley:  And to not force anything.

J. P.:   Yes.  Over time you are who you are, and over time I think, whether or not it’s the real you or not, when you’re being filmed and on TV, over time the real you is going to come out and it’s at that point—

Ashley:  Right.

J. P.   ‑‑where you’re either going to mesh well as a couple or you’re not.  You know, there’s no, just like in life—

Ashley:  Exactly.

J. P.:   There’s no magic, there’s no magic formula to it, it’s just you work or you don’t.  And we were fortunate enough that we absolutely work.

Ashley:   I also think it’s because we were still ourselves while we were filming, so we got to know the real Ashley and the real J.P. while we were filming.  It wasn’t after the show that we learned things about each other.  You know?  It was during the time.  So we had more time than most people.

J. P.:   I learned a lot about you after the show, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ashley:  Oh alright, go for it.  Lay it on me babe!

J. P.:  No it’s a different, it’s a different learning.  Living with someone for, for even three weeks to a month after the show, you learn—

Ashley:  Right.

J. P.:   About somebody, and that’s when we said, you know, our real relationship started, was when we got back and started living together.

Ashley:  Right, right, right. 

J. P.:  It’s just like real life, you know.

Stephanie (Red Carpet Report):    Great.  Thank you.  Good luck to you guys, you deserve it.

J. P.:   Thank you.

Ashley:  Thank you so much.  Thank you.

The Newlyweds - J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert

The Newlyweds – J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert

It Takes A Village

While watching this beautiful wedding that took place in Pasadena on ABC tomorrow, keep in mind the many people behind the scenes that made this one of the biggest events in Reality TV. Vendors included Badgley Mischka, Bob and Dawn Davis Photography, Joanie and Leigh’s Cake Divas, Carol Shaw Make-up Artist, Classic Party Rentals, Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, Neil Lane Jewelry and the list goes on… you can see everyone involved here.

We hope you’ll join us with a box a tissues Sunday to watch this fairytale story unfold.

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