More Behind the Scenes with the Streamy’s (You know the Web TV Awards)

We usually only see the final product when looking at movies and videos. We don’t see what goes into making the “magic” but we are familiar with the awards that go to “best makeup,” “best costume,” “best sound effects,” and so on.

The Streamy Awards has over 175 shows AND individuals nominated in 35 different categories (see them here).

Today, we’re sharing the individuals who are up for awards – look the list over – how many people do you recognize?

Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Zach Galifianakis — (Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis)
Tony Hale — (CTRL)
Amir Blumenfeld — (Jake and Amir)
Sandeep Parikh — (The Guild)
David Wain — (Wainy Days)

Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Illeana Douglas — (Easy to Assemble)
Justine Bateman — (Easy to Assemble)
Joanna Cassidy — (Sex Ed)
Felicia Day — (The Guild)
Lisa Kudrow — (Web Therapy)

Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series
Craig Frank — (Compulsions)
Robert Englund — (Fear Clinic)
Joe Absolom — (Girl Number 9)
Mark Gantt — (The Bannen Way)
Eric Balfour — (Valemont)

Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series
Zoe Bell — (Angel of Death)
Rachael Hip-Flores — (Anyone But Me)
Tatyana Ali — (Buppies)
Sophie Tilson — (OzGirl)
Crystal Chappell — (Venice)

As you looked at the nominees above – I bet you didn’t realize you’d know some of these names, huh? Yes, actors are moving to new media productions to continue to do what they love – entertain us.

Why not show your appreciation and take 1 minute – click on this link and vote for the Streamy’s audience choice nominees. You can take about an hour or so and watch the videos of each of the nominees on the same page. Some pretty awesome productions.