Bengals Free Agent Tight End Reggie Kelly to Make Encore Appearance on Insightful Player™ Television Show Tonight on

Bengals Free Agent Tight End Reggie Kelly to make encore guest appearance on Insightful Player™ Television Show on

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 – 7 PM EST
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Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Tight End - Reggie Kelly

Cincinnati Bengals Free Agent Tight End Reggie Kelly, one of 32 current and former NFL players recognized as Insightful Players will make an encore appearance  on the new weekly Insightful Player online show on MingleMediaTV tonight May 31 at 7 p.m. ET. Mingle Media TV produces and broadcasts over 40 hours of web series and event coverage each week.  Kelly was well-received as the debut guest on the show back in April and was asked back for another appearance.

Chrissy Carew, a Master Certified personal and business coach based in Nashua, NH founded Insightful Player™ in April 2010 with a vision of providing an answer to a crucial worldwide calling for messages of hope that provoke positive actions.  “Reggie did such a great job on our first show and we received so much positive feedback that we wanted to have him on again as soon as possible,” said Carew.

The Insightful Player™ team members, like Kelly, are individuals that believed in themselves and relentlessly pursued their most far-reaching dreams, which resulted in a career in the National Football League. The Insightful website features the inspirational stories of 32 current and former NFL players, each of whom overcame great obstacles and hardships to become not just fine athletes, but through their values and their life experiences, became extraordinary individuals that serve as an inspiration to us all.

Kelly will discuss his new book “Prepared” with Barton Green. From the first backyard training camp, the Garden of Eden, to the grassy scrimmage line of an NFL faceoff, Reggie Kelly explores the timeless lessons that shape the three ever-developing parts of mankind: the Body, Mind and Spirit.

The short-version of Reggie Kelly’s Insightful Player story is available on The full-length version will appear in the Insightful Player book that will be published by Morgan-James Publishing this summer.

Following is an excerpt of Kelly’s story on Insightful

Reggie, called “Reverend” by his teammates, grew up in Aberdeen, Mississippi, population 6,000. He was raised by loving yet strict Christian parents. When he gave his life to Christ as a young boy he was concerned what other kids would think. Reggie said, “I decided to put Christ on the back burner, all for the sake of popularity.  By the time I got to high school I did whatever I could to fit in and this included partying and drinking. I wanted to be the ‘big dog.’  I actually believed I was really cool.”

What he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t being true to who he really was. This created emptiness inside. He wasn’t ready to face that so he partied even harder instead.

When he got to college at Mississippi State, he felt like a fish out of water. No one knew who he was and he decided he was going to get back on top fast. His partying intensified and soon he was once again known as the “big dog.” But the emptiness didn’t go away.

By the time Reggie was a sophomore, he was exhausted from trying to please everyone and trying to prove how cool he was. He decided to give Jesus a try.

“In my rookie year in Atlanta, the great fullback Bob Christian took me under his wing. He was a man of God and was well respected by everyone. He decided that he was going to teach me how to be a pro.  He also was going to teach me how to be a man of God and apply it to football.

“Bob’s example helped me realize that God placed me on earth to encourage everyone to be the best they can be.”

A good example came when Reggie was injured in training camp during the 2009 pre-season. In 10 seasons, he had suffered only one other injury and missed just four games. He was sure he’d bounce back this time, too, and was “heartbroken” when he learned he would be out for the season. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he decided to figure out how he could still help the team. So he concentrated on helping the younger players by becoming a role model for how to handle adversity.

Reggie believes that God gave him the NFL platform to have a positive impact on kids.  He helps them realize that they can achieve anything they desire regardless of their situation. He says, “Life isn’t always fair, but whatever hand you’re dealt, just play it.”

Reggie is married to his high school sweetheart, Sheila. They have two children – daughter Kyla, six, and son Kavan, four.

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