Wednesday’s Join the Fellowship of Step in Faith with The MMTVN Show “More Than Conquerors”

If you’re looking for a chat show to pick up your spirits and help you through the week, “More Than Conquerors” at 2 PM ET on MMTVN is the place you want to be. Join Kathleen, the Ladies Fellowship leader on the weekly chat as she shares her faith in God and brings a virtual fellowship of kindred souls together to share in His Glory.

The Step in Faith Ministries goal is to spread the Word of God, not as we apply it in our ideal perception, but in the truth that God gave it. Our ministry is one led and operated by real people living real lives holding on with real faith… people willing to not only encourage with words, but inspire with actions… StepInFaith Ministry is not about condemnation or judgment – we are about LOVE and COMPASSION. No matter where you are or where you’ve been, God has loved you since you were formed in the womb… join in fellowship with us – we would LOVE to have you!

About Kathleen – your host and Ladies Fellowship leader:

Kathleen was born and raised in Mississippi by a very spirit-filled single mother who was active in church and served the Lord as an international missionary. Grounded in her faith at a very young age, Satan tried to derail her spiritual success by placing several stumbling blocks in her path to test her faith and trust… Many struggles, mistakes, and heartaches down the road, at the age of 21, Kathleen and her husband were led to a wonderful church home. Slightly over a year after the couple’s acceptance of Christ through an August 2004 baptism into the fellowship of the Mount Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, Kathleen founded StepInFaith Ministry to share God’s Word and to present a proper understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith. Since the start of StepInFaith, the ministry has been blessed to include a diverse group of members, all ranging in spiritual growth and all on fire for the King of Kings!

In addition to her spiritual endeavors, Kathleen has established a web and graphic design business, works full time in accounting, and is working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Religious Studies after having already earned an accounting degree. Her passions are her relationship with God, the Christian Ministry He has called her to, singing, poetry, and her family. Kathleen and her husband, Barry, have four daughters and a son.