When Pregnancy, Puberty & Menopause Collide… in Paris?

What’s a good story without some conflict? Imagine traveling to Paris with your daughters… while you are in the throws of menopause and your daughters are experiencing their own hormonal changes from puberty to pregnancy?

My Bitchy Witchy Paris Vacation This new original web series is created by Alexis Niki and shot entirely in Paris. Mingle Media TV is excited to be airing this on our network and hope that the support of our women, mothers and sisters appreciate this comedic yet touching story as it unfolds in Paris.

“My Bitchy Witchy Paris Vacation” shares the story of a mother going through menopause and travels to Paris with her two daughters who are going through hormonal changes of their own.

Imagine traveling abroad with your daughters (15-year-old in the throes of puberty, and a 24-year old pregnant with her first child) and their bickering as sisters do, while you are going through hot flashes and your own emotional crisis?

You’ll love how the culture and hormones collide in this true-to-life adventure both sweet, sometimes painful, as it explores the humorous side of mother-daughter relationships, the bonds of sisterhood, and the anxiety stirred by life’s major transitions.

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Celebs Invited to Help Children Smile with Smile Portrait Project

There’s nothing more warming than a smile. It gives you confidence, helps those around you feel at ease and so much more. Here are a few quotes I found to help paint a picture about the importance of what a smile can do for a person and to help set the tone of how awesome this story is:

  • People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.  ~Lee Mildon
  • The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.  ~Author Unknown
  • Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.  ~Author Unknown

Mingle Media TV is excited to be reporting on an awesome program designed to give back to our kids… to give them the gift of a smile. We love to support our Los Angeles Area community and causes large and small > especially ones that we know you can come out and support as well. The program is called “The Smile Portrait Project” and is founded by photographer, Faleena Hopkins, who is offering free 30 minute portrait shoots where the participants can purchase the photos after the shoot (or not). Faleena will be donating a large portion of the proceeds  to the “Smile Train” organization that helps children with cleft-pallet smile again.

Project Smile

Smile Portrait Project

Now, you don’t have to be a celebrity to participate and we’d love to keep Faleena busy shooting every hour because the “cause” is definitely something we all know is important!

Here’s how to reach her to schedule your FREE photo shoot:

Faleena Hopkins Site: http://smileportraitproject.com Booking Photo Sessions: 213-595-3462 Press Requests contact: Press@M4PR.com Celebrity Bookings contact PR@M4PR.com

Here’s more info on the “Smile Train” Benefit: Cleft lips and palates are a significant problem in under-developed countries. Children do not have the money or opportunity for reparative surgery to help them live normal lives. The goal of “Smile Train” is to provide free cleft surgeries for millions of poor children in developing countries and to provide free cleft-related training to medical personnel.

Today’s Laugh Break Webshow 4 PM EST Featuring Celeb Photog Courtney Lindberg

Join Kerri Pomarolli for her Mingle Media TV Webshow, Laugh Break today to find out how the first crush turned into a career for photographer Courtney Lindberg.
Lindsay picked up a camera at the tender age of 11 and developed her first true crush! In her hand I held the most magical instrument that had the ability to capture life’s most precious and valuable moments. Lindsay toyed with my camera throughout high school exploring dark rooms and began seeing life differently through her lens. Having also been a lifelong theatre hound, she went to FSU and received her BFA in Music Theatre. Near graduation all of her friends needed headshots to begin their careers in the biz, all of which she ended up taking. It became her side business, something she loved being able to do for her friends. People LOVED them, and continued referring their friends to her. But still she didn’t consider herself a true photographer…yet. You see like any good love story there is always that moment where you are hit with cupid’s arrow. Well…she has been craftily dogging that arrow until she shot one of her best friend’s weddings two years ago. She gave cupid a clear shot and boy oh boy, does his arrow pack a powerful punch. She is now more than ever fully, madly and inalterably in love with photography! Now she craves the nuance of a look between two souls speaking in their own special language, the details of love…this is her passion. Catching a childhood giggle, or the love in their small hopeful eyes as they gaze up at their parents. Getting lost behind a lens has become one of her favorite activities and she feels very lucky to be able to work with and meet the most incredible people while doing what she loves. That’s not work….that’s pure brilliance!”