2013 Angel Awards #ProjectAngelFood #PAF Green Carpet

Jane Lynch 2013-08-10 18.46.19Jane Lynch DSC_0790Lawrence Zarian DSC_0798Fabienne Maurer DSC_0770Richard Simmons 2013-08-10 19.23.23Lawrence Zarian and Brandi Chang DSC_0801
Chef Giada De Laurentiis and Brandi Chang DSC_0842Jane Lynch DSC_0793Carrie Keagan DSC_0812Chef Giada De Laurentiis and Brandi Chang DSC_0840Bryce Dallas Howard and Brandi Chang DSC_0827DSC_0780
Bryce Dallas Howard DSC_0821Carrie Keagan DSC_0808Richard Simmons 2013-08-10 19.23.252013-08-10 18.55.36Jane Lynch 2013-08-10 18.46.16DSC_0863
Carrie Keagan  2013-08-10 19.05.50Jessica Collins and Christian LeBlanc  The Young and the Restless   2013-08-10 18.42.00Bryce Dallas Howard 2013-08-10 19.14.08Jane Lynch 2013-08-10 18.46.17Jessica Collins and Christian LeBlanc  The Young and the Restless  2013-08-10 18.42.01-2Fabienne Maurer DSC_0771

2013 Angel Awards #ProjectAngelFood #PAF, a set of over 150 photos on Flickr.

Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report team came out once again to cover the inspiring 2013 Angel Awards honoring philanthropic community leaders who help community-based charities like Project Angel Food. This year Jane Lynch of Glee and chef Giada De Laurentiis of the Food Network will receive recognition for their support. Founder Marianne Williamson presented Jane her award while Bryce Dallas Howard presented Giada her award.

About Project Angel Food
Founded in 1989 by Marianne Williamson, next year will mark Project Angel Food’s 25thanniversary. The first Angel Awards was held in 1995 in Project Angel Food’s kitchen at its former Sunset Boulevard location. Since then Project Angel Food has become known for hosting Angel Awards al fresco in its “backyard.”

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Project Angel Food’s mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Volunteers and staff cook and deliver free and nutritious meals prepared with love throughout Los Angeles County, acting out of a sense of urgency because hunger and illness do not wait. www.angelfood.org

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4th Annual Thirst Gala Red Carpet

2013-06-25 16.16.462013-06-25 16.35.362013-06-25 18.24.572013-06-25 18.34.27Alice Greczyn - DSC_0170Alice Greczyn - DSC_0171
Alice Greczyn - DSC_0172Alice Greczyn - DSC_0173Angel McCord - DSC_0141Arianne Zucker - DSC_0161Arianne Zucker - DSC_0162Arianne Zucker - DSC_0163
Arianne Zucker - DSC_0164Audrina Patridge - DSC_0129Audrina Patridge - DSC_0130Audrina Patridge - DSC_0133Audrina Patridge - DSC_0134Audrina Patridge - DSC_0135
Audrina Patridge - DSC_0136Audrina Patridge - DSC_0137Camila Banus - 2013-06-25 17.41.59Camila Banus - DSC_0021Camila Banus - DSC_0022Camila Banus - DSC_0023

4th Annual Thirst Gala Red Carpet, a set on Flickr.

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Linda Antwi, were invited to cover the 2013 4th Annual Thirst Gala, supporting The Thirst Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to building fresh water wells and providing developing countries with clean water, at the Beverly Hilton. This year Pauley Perrette (NCIS) and Robbie Brenner (President of Production; Relativity) were honored for their efforts to help fight the global water crisis.

Celebrity Interviews from Event

We interviewed the following celebrities on the red carpet: Angel McCord, Arianne Zucker, Audrina Patridge, Brian Dietzen, Camila Banus, Cassie Scerbo, Charisma Carpenter, Chelsea Kent, Coco Jones, Courtney Merritt, Drake Bell, Drew Seeley & Amy Paffrath, Hannah Hart, Jen Lilley, Jenn Bostic , Josh Sussman, Kirsten Vangsness, Michael Welch, Mike Manning, Natalie Pack, Mollee Gray, Paolo Nilsen, Pauley Perrette, Seth Maxwell, and Tahj Mowry  Click to watch them on our YouTube Channel.

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About the Thirst Project

The Thirst Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to building fresh water wells and providing developing countries with clean water, and their celebrity supporters come together for an evening to honor those that have made a different in the fight against the global water crisis. 100% of all public gifts go directly to funding freshwater wells on the ground. The Thirst Project has given more than 200,000 people in 11 countries safe, clean water. For more info visit http://www.thirstproject.org.

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The Biggest Show with the Cast of Glee


Via Flickr:
Mingle, Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Linda Antwi were invited to come out and cover Young Storytellers Foundation’s "The Big Show 2012" with stars from Glee at Willows Community School in Culver City, CA. We spoke with Chad Buchanan, Derek Theler, Dot Marie Jones, Iqbal Theba and Max Adler on the Red Carpet about the importance of this LA public school program.

This year, four LAUSD students had their stories/scripts performed by the stars of GLEE —David Verba / Edison Language Academy – Santa Monica; Miyu Masato / Linwood Howe Elementary – Culver City; Adrian Hernandez / Walt Disney Elementary – Burbank; Siena Trenton / Willows Community School- Culver City.

About Young Storytellers Foundation
YSF is a non-profit program that runs during the school day. They work in Title 1 schools in Los Angeles – which are schools that have a very high percentage of free or reduced price breakfast and lunch which is a key poverty indicator. Each school chooses ten students per session that they feel could benefit from the program (shy children, English language learners, children struggling with ADHD, etc) and those students are paired with 10 professionals from the entertainment industry (actors, writers, agents, development executives). The students and mentors meet for an hour a week for 7 weeks – during which the students each write their own short screenplay. Every idea and word is theirs – the mentors are there to provide encouragement and structure. In the final week, actors from film and television come to the school to perform each script in a performance called The Big Show. The actors audition for the students, the students cast them, and each student sits on stage in a seat of honor to see their script performed. Last year they worked in over 30 local schools and more than 700 students completed an original screenplay youngstorytellers.com.

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Thanks to Sunshine Sachs for the invitation today. For more about them please visit www.sunshinesachs.com.

Dr. Patrick Williams, Coaching the Global Village, Guest Stars on Insightful Player TV on Mingle Media TV Tuesday

Ambassador of Coaching Patrick Williams to Guest on

Insightful Player Television Show on MingleMediaTV.com 

Tuesday, June 21,  2011 – 7 PM EST, Watch LIVE by Clicking HERE:

Dr. Patrick Williams, founder of the international non-profit Coaching the Global Village,  will be the guest of the new weekly Insightful Player online show on MingleMediaTV.com this coming Tuesday, June 21 at 7 p.m. ET. Mingle Media TV produces and broadcasts over 40 hours of web series and event coverage each week.

Chrissy Carew, a Master Certified personal and business coach based in Nashua, NH founded Insightful Player™ in April 2010 with a vision of providing an answer to a crucial worldwide calling for messages of hope that provoke positive actions.

“Dr. Patrick Williams is a magnificent and sought-after leader in the coaching industry. He is referred to by many as the Ambassador of coaching,” said Carew. “He is a visionary on a mission to make coaching accessible to absolutely everyone. I give Dr Williams the highest recommendation possible, as a masterful coach, progressive leader, inspiring visionary, good will advocate and most importantly as a friend. I have grown a lot by following Patrick’s example and look forward to launching a special program with him to benefit our youth through Insightful Player.”

Coaching the Global Village utilizes professional coaching techniques to empower communities around the world to develop sustainable solutions for pressing human and societal needs. They train leaders, change agents, and local volunteers or organizations to accelerate and magnify their work by using the coach approach to empower creative and sustainable change.

The Insightful Player™ team members are individuals that believed in themselves and relentlessly pursued their most far-reaching dreams, which resulted in a career in the National Football League. The Insightful Player.comwebsite features the inspirational stories of 32 current and former NFL players, each of whom overcame great obstacles and hardships to become not just fine athletes, but through their values and their life experiences, became extraordinary individuals that serve as an inspiration to us all.

The short-version of the Insightful Player stories is available on InsightfulPlayer.com. The full-length version will appear in the Insightful Player book that will be published by Morgan-James Publishing this summer.

“Insightful Player will be Dr. Williams’ first domestic program,” said Carew.  “Once my book is published I am going to create player events to work with kids directly and eventually follow up all the player events with professional coaching for the kids.  I will be creating a pilot program with Patrick that is sure to generate national attention.”

One of the early pioneers of coaching, Patrick Williams, MCC, began executive coaching in 1990. In 1998 he founded the Institute for Life Coach Training, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. He speaks worldwide on topics of living purposefully, coaching for global change, wellness coaching, and the coach approach in leadership. He has written dozens of articles and been interviewed on TV and radio.

Pat was awarded the first Global Visionary Fellowship by the Foundation of Coaching for his Coaching the Global Village project, a non- profit organization to take the coach approach to developing villages on the planet. You may view his media kit and learn about training at LifeCoachTraining.com.

He is the co-author of

  • Therapist as Life Coach: Transforming Your Practice (2002)
  • Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance your Practice and Your Life(2005)
  • Law and Ethics of Coaching: How to Solve and Avoid Difficult Problems in Your Practice (2006)
  • Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from The Institute for Life Coach Training (2007)

Insightful Players include: Jerricho Cotchery (Jets), Aaron Kampman (Jaguars), Steve Grogan (Patriots), Roger Staubach (Cowboys), Devin McCourty (Patriots) and Jason McCourty (Titans) and Reggie Kelly (Bengals), among others.

Launched on February 8, 2010, online media and live web TV Network Company, Mingle Media TV produces and broadcasts over 40 hours of web series and event coverage each week. It’s audience reach online is over 250,000 weekly views of their  video coverage, web series and live broadcasts and are currently in the top 20,000 websites in the U.S.

For more information on Coach Chrissy Carew and Insightful Player,  visit www.theinsightfulplayer.com and call 603-897-0610.


How Do You Define Yourself?

Even today, I don’t define myself as a breast cancer survivor. You may never have known that I am one of the many women (1 in 8 women) who developed breast cancer! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2005 and completed eight rounds of chemotherapy and thirty-three rounds of radiation by the Spring of 2006.

I am sharing this story to help others as they face this challenging time and hopefully, encourage them to help other people in all walks of life to have the strength to meet their own challenges head on.

My breast cancer was diagnosed early – during an annual mammogram. I started my screenings at the recommended age of 40. It could have been several more years before I would have been able to “feel” it in a self-examination because at the time it was discovered it was less than 2 cm at the largest side. Surgery was successful, my lymph nodes were clear, recovery was a breeze with breast conserving surgery… and of course, being pre-menopausal, the treatment was more intense, that’s when the fun started!

I started my Chemo in late September 2005 and as they will warn you, your hair starts to fall out after the second treatment. As you can see from my photos, I had my hair cut off. We made it a family affair as my son came with me to have my hair cut off so it could be donated to “Locks of Love“. When I got my G.I. Jane buzz, my son compared my shaved head to a “hedgehog” foot scraper. Being able to donate to “Locks of Love” was worth losing my hair over, it’s also something that my brother has done twice – just for the love of it, and as he puts it “for the cancer kids.”

After my second treatment I started scratching my head, and the proof was there, my hand came back with hair, lots of it. I thought I would’ve had a few days but the next morning I woke up and took a shower that lasted on and off over 1.5 hours before giving up and shaving the hairs off and ending with a smooth and bald head.

I decided not to use the prescription to get a wig, I was going to go “au natural” (in my mind, if men can walk around bald, so could I). The following week I was in Seattle for business and I was asked on the way to a business meeting, ‘was I making a fashion statement?‘ I laughed and said, if only I could draw my eyebrows on evenly. That’s what I missed most, my eyelashes and eyebrows. It was sad for me to see the women with scarves and strands of hair, like you see on mummies in the museum, holding on to their “glory” but it was so freeing, to be able to not worry about it. Plus, no hair, means no hair anywhere, six months of not shaving my “legs” was awesome. But that’s me, kids don’t understand that it’s not that important, it will grow back, they just don’t want to be stared at or feel different or worse, ugly. Locks of Love is an amazing organization that helps these children, our children, feel confident and happy and helps them through this tough time.

Fast forward to today and five years later, I’ve got my hair back (wink) and am sharing my story with you, to encourage you to help the Locks of Love organization with an event that is coming up here in the Los Angeles area. The details are following this post. Please do what you can and make sure your loved ones are screened and do self-tests each month. There are also many programs out there to help you if you cannot pay for a mammogram or for your treatment. Visit sites like Breast Cancer.org, Susan G. Komen or others for support and more information. Just don’t do what I started doing… and Google searching breast cancer. Talk to your doctor or health care provider first. Don’t let it freak you out, face it head on and keep smiling… make a pact with your BFF’s to talk to you every day like mine did and don’t get into a funk… it will pass!

Locks of Love Charity Event:

October 6, 2010, 7:30 PM at the SKYBAR on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA

General Admission Tickets available for event. Purchase tickets at: http://www.bergine.com/locks-love-skybar-la-special-offer.html

Celebrity Poker Tournament, Gift Bags, Silent Auction, Fashion Show, Putting Contest, Live Hair Donations, and cocktails with your most beautiful friends.

This is a charitable event for Locks of Love in conjunction with Beverly Hills Law Associates, DJ HEM, Contraband Hats, Sweet Wood Golf, Stop Staring Clothing, and Hair by Mr. Randall.

Want to sponsor this event? Please contact: CARing in Stilettos Corp. and call Angelica Leon at 310.691.1141 with any questions.