New Live Streaming Show Launches “Mingle Media Momma TV” hosted by Five Top Lifestyle Mom Bloggers

The “new” Mingle Media Momma TV #MMMTV show is a live, streaming web TV show featuring 5 unique moms with 5 strong opinions covering fashion, beauty, fitness and nutrition, with personal videos, behind the scenes, special guests and weekly giveaways.

Mingle Media Momma TV

Mingle Media Momma TV

Online media and interactive web TV network, Mingle Media TV, announced today that beginning Wednesday, June 14th 2011 they will be broadcasting the live streaming video web TV talk show entitled “Mingle Media Momma TV” weekly at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST at “Mingle Media Momma TV” will air LIVE while simulcasting on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smart phones via the free app and archived for on-demand replay through Blip.TV, Boxee, and Roku or as an iTunes podcast.

The new Mingle Media Momma TV Weekly Hour Long LIVE Streaming Show will be hosted by:

* Bailey Vincent Clark of Makeover Momma: Bailey is a homeschooling, work-at-home mother of two girls under the age of 5. She plans on adopting more kids in her future (hopefully) and talks about her child’s special needs, relationships and healthy lifestyle changes with zero filter.

* Linda Rihani of Baby To Be TV: Linda Rihani (successful host of the popular show Baby To Be TV) is infamous for her personal Vlogs and video of reviews of the best in baby products. Proud mother of two little ones (a boy and a girl), she is an experienced 3D/4D Ultra Sound Technician (so trust me, she knows babies!)

* Lara Dipaola of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom: Founder of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom and mother of 4 (spanning from teenage to toddler), Lara is not only an experienced writer and parent, but takes on motherhood with humor. She lives by the Marilyn Monroe quote “it is better to be ridiculous than absolutely boring”… and that’s why I love her!

* Jennifer Gerlock of Hip As I Wanna Be: Even though we love to tease her for being a former beauty queen and running marathons (yes, she really is that cool), Jennifer is best known for her insightful website Hip As I Wanna Be. She documents her beauty, heath, business and parenting pursuits (she is the mother of 10 and 12 year old boys!)

* Kristi Bartlett of Creative Kristi: Kristi isn’t just creative because of her amazing crafting abilities and blogging skills, but also because she is a stay-at-home-mom of two (under the age of 3- eek!), and a military wife to boot (she deserves a medal already). Her personal motto is: “When life hands you lemons….. decorate with them!”

“We’re excited that two of our existing shows have teamed up and added three more hosts to bring an hour of lifestyle programming – mommy style to a broader audience each week,” says Stephanie Piche, founder and CEO of Mingle Media TV. “Our audience loved interacting live with Linda and Bailey on their weekly shows and the addition of Jennifer, Lara, and Kristi will round out the topics and reach a larger group of women who want to connect socially while being entertained.”

Watch “Mingle Media Momma TV” weekly at 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST at, to view the show and chat live with hosts, Linda, Bailey, Jennifer, Lara, Kristi, and the other members in the audience via text and video chat. To find out more about “Mingle Media Momma TV”  visit their site at

Mingle Media TV has successfully used traditional and social media marketing techniques to build and grow awareness for their community online. Many of the MMTVN shows have national sponsors that benefit from both the live web show audience on Mingle Media TV to the creators own community where daily mentions, blog posts and recommendations are authentic and powerful. Mingle Media TV founder, Stephanie Piche, believes it’s important to bring back sponsorships and use the conversation that social networks offer to build awareness and commerce. Piche has over twenty years experience in bringing startups and products to market and has created and managed branded campaigns with great success and has seen first hand how the power of investing in content not ads builds a brand name authentically and exponentially.

About Mingle Media TV
MMTVN is an online media and interactive web TV network that executive produces, curates, and broadcasts 75 weekly web series shows along with entertainment industry event coverage. Our video coverage, web series and live broadcasts are promoted via Twitter, blog posts, Facebook and other popular social networks; in addition to airing live on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms and syndicated through Blip.TV and over 15 syndication sites including AOL Video, YouTube, Samsung, Vizio, MeeFeedia, Blinkx, Daily Motion, Boxee, Roku and as an iTunes podcast. Our audience reach online is over 250,000 weekly views of our video coverage, web series and live broadcasts and are currently in the top 20,000 websites in the US. MMTVN’s live web TV shows feature lifestyle subject matter experts and social media content providers from celebrities, authors to bloggers including executive producing two shows with Emmy award winners. MMTVN has expanded its curation of web series with a growing number of independently produced shows from science fiction to drama, action to teen soaps now playing on the network. In addition to curating produced webseries, MMTVN is promoting and securing sponsors for INDIE creators. MMTVN also covers Hollywood celebrity and charity events from the red carpet and behind the scenes. MMTVN has covered the Oscars on the Red Carpet along with Golden Globes, IPTVFest, HollyShorts, LA Shorts Fest, AOF Fest, Daytime Emmys, Saturn Awards, Streamy Awards, People’s Choice, NAACP, SAG , plus numerous Web Series Premieres and A-list Celebrity Fundraisers. Mingle Media TV is also sponsoring the Audience Choice Category in the New Media Film Festival for Web Series Creators. For more information, please visit

Will You Help #FightChildHunger? Join @FeedingAmerica @ConAgra & Rally Your Neighborhood

Mom Bloggers & David Arquette

Mom Bloggers & David Arquette on Wisteria Lane

Yesterday Mingle Media TV was invited to join the actress, Dana Delaney, of the Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane to Rally Celebrity Friends Including 14 Mom Bloggers and kick off the “Child Hunger Ends Here” campaign.

The MMTVN crew interviewed many of the celebrities that were on hand for the event from Alison Sweeney, Chad Allen, Stephanie Pratt, Melissa Rivers, Chef Andre from, and Jeremy Glazer along with 12 of the 14 mom bloggers who traveled from across the country from Miami to California. These moms talk about what they are doing for their community on video – you can get this widget with the videos for your blog below by selecting the SHARE button on the widget and copy the embed code and paste it:

Get the #FightChildHunger widget from

Get the #FightChildHunger widget from

You can visit these moms online and show your support if you live in their neighborhoods – or better yet… why not go to the website Child Hunger Ends Here to join the Rally and follow them on Twitter: You can also post tweets with the #FightChildHunger or search on Twitter to see the latest news.


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