Paleyfest 2012: Son’s of Anarchy Cast Interviews

DSC_0001DSC_0002Katey Sagal Kurt Sutter - DSC_0014Katey Sagal Kurt Sutter - DSC_0015
Katey Sagal Kurt Sutter - DSC_0016Theo Rossi - DSC_0018Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0021Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0024Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0025Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0026
Katey Sagal Kurt Sutter - DSC_0031Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0033Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0035Tommy Flanagan - DSC_0038Tommy Flanagan Katey Sagal - DSC_0042Tommy Flanagan Katey Sagal - DSC_0043
Tommy Flanagan Katey Sagal - DSC_0044Tommy Flanagan - Katey Sagal - DSC_0046Tommy Flanagan - Katey Sagal - DSC_0047Tommy Flanagan - Katey Sagal - DSC_0048Tommy Flanagan - Katey Sagal - DSC_0049Tommy Flanagan - Katey Sagal - DSC_0050

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Mingle Media TV were invited to come out and cover the Sons of Anarchy night at the PaleyFest 2012 from the Red Carpet at the Saban Theatre. The annual William S. Paley Television Festival celebrates television’s rich and diverse programming and the creative process behind the medium since 1984. For more info visit The Paley Center for Media at

Cast members of the drama “Sons of Anarchy” on FX were in attendance as were creator Kurt Sutter, creator/producer to talk about their first four seasons and gave some hints about the upcoming season five at PaleyFest on Wednesday. They will starting shooting its fifth season in May and will focus on Jax. Follow them on their Facebook page at

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