2nd Annual Latin American Film Showcase: Women on the Verge

“The Water at the End of the World” (“El Agua Del Fin Del Mundo,” Argentina)

“The Water at the End of the World” (“El Agua Del Fin Del Mundo,” Argentina)

The Second Annual Latin American Film Showcase: Women on the Verge will be screening five films from August 12 – 18 at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles , CA., courtesy of Outsider Pictures. You’ll be able to view a series of five films representing outstanding work from one of the most exciting frontiers of contemporary world cinema: Latin America .

Produced, written, directed or edited by up-and-coming and established Latin American female filmmakers, these films celebrate and embrace traditional Latino sensibilities and values while also exploring the realities of  the human condition and  the conflict created when these cannot be reconciled.   At the core of each of these five films beats the heart of a woman:  a woman at a defining crossroads in life who is on the verge of transcending her current circumstance or making that false step that could send her into the abyss. 

The five films are “The Water at the End of the World” ( Argentina ), “The Good Herbs” ( Mexico ), “It’s Your Fault” ( Argentina ), “Of Love and Other Demons” ( Costa Rica ), and “Portraits in a Sea of Lies ” ( Columbia ). More information on each film can be found below.

General admission is available for all five films or a special $30 showcase ticket may be purchased at the theater which gains admittance to all five of the Latin American Showcase films. 

2nd Annual Latin American Film Showcase: Women on the Verge

The  Films


“It’s Your Fault” (“Por Tu Culpa,” Argentina)

Director:  Anahí Berneri

Cast: Erica Rivas, Nicasio Galan, Zenon Galan, Ruben Viani, Marta Bianchini

Exhausted divorced mother, Julieta is struggling to meet a critical work deadline while trying to put her two young energetic boys to bed.  When the youngest falls and is injured, Julieta rushes the child to hospital but as soon as she arrives, her life spirals further out of control as the staff question her treatment of the boys and investigate potential abuse.  As the story unfolds, the question of who to blame and who to believe becomes difficult to answer.  This minimalist third feature by director Anahi Berneri (“A Year Without Love”) is helmed with acuity and features a high-wire, carefully controlled performance by Erica Rivas as a woman on the verge of losing her children. 

“Portraits in a Sea of Lies ” (“Retratos en un Mar de Mentiras,” Colombia)

Director:  Carlos Gaviria

Cast:  Paola Baldión, Julián Román, Edgardo Román, Valeria Fuentes

After the accidental death of their grandfather, amnesic and mute Marina is taken under wing by wheeler-dealer cousin Jairo (Julian Roman) as they decide to try to recover the land from which Marina was displaced years ago. As they travel from Bogotá to the Caribbean coast in an old beat-up Renault 4, the story of her traumatic past starts to unfold.   Writer-director Carlos Gaviria frames a ravishing landscape that hides a legacy of fear. 

“Portraits in a Sea of Lies ” is a portrait of Colombia , a country where despite suffering an ongoing civil war for the past 60 years, Colombians see themselves as the happiest people in the world.

“The Good Herbs” (“Las Buenos Hierbas,” Mexico)

Director:  Maria Novaro

Cast:  Úrsula Pruneda, Ofelia Medina, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Cosmo González Muñoz, Gabino Rodriguez

Everything changes for single mother Dalia (Ursula Pruneda) when she learns that her mother Lala (Ofelia Medina), a respected herbalist, has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Lala asks her daughter to help her before she completely loses her mind and gives Dalia her latest research on plants and herbal remedies that according to Pre-Columbian, Mexican tradition cure the human soul. Dahlia thus begins a compelling journey into her mother’s mind and memories as well as into her own identity.  Sure-footed direction by leading Mexican filmmaker Maria Novaro eschews melodrama and creates a densely woven world of real domestic tensions and lifestyles.

“The Water at the End of the World” (“El Agua Del Fin Del Mundo,” Argentina)

Director: Paula Siero

Cast:  Guadalupe Docampo, Diana Lamas, Facundo Arana, Graciela Stefani, Mario Alarcon, Antonio Ugo, Mauricio Dayub

Laura and Adriana are two sisters who live together and desire to take one final journey together after Adriana’s health begins to deteriorate from an inoperable condition.  With very little money on hand, Laura does everything possible to find the cash so that they can leave their impoverished neighborhood in Buenos Aires for Ushuaia, a place at the end of the world where Adriana wants to spend her last days.   A powerful, moving feature debut from actress Paula Siero offers a warm, intensely honest, and humane story of two sisters desperate to come to terms with one another before it’s too late.

“Of Love and Other Demons” (“Del Amor y Otros Demonios, Costa Rica )
Director: Hilda Hidalgo

Cast:  Pablo Derqui, Eliza Triana, Jordi Dauder, Joaquin Climent, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Damián Alcázar, Martha Leal

Based on Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, this film is set in colonial South America during a time of superstition and fear. A rabid dog bites fiery, 13-year-old noble Sierva María (Eliza Triana). Fearing her to be possessed, the family imprisons her in a convent.  Father Delaura (Pablo Derqui), the passionate young protégé of the bishop, is sent to oversee her exorcism.  He alone understands the absurd cruelty of her plight, but his denunciation of her treatment is complicated by the chaste but forbidden love blossoming between them.  Costa Rican director Hilda Hidalgo’s debut feature is a masterful blend of understated performances infused with the dreamlike atmosphere of the Colombian novelist’s source material. 

More information can be found at www.laemmle.com (for show times) and at www.outsiderpictures.us (for information regarding each film).

One World, One Week, One Festival: Manhattan Film Festival, Los Angeles Screening Event

On Sunday, September 26th, the New Media Film Festival will be hosting the Manhattan Short Film Festival and will be live streaming from the red carpet on the Mingle Media TV website and on our streaming partner, Stickam.com during this global event. There’s a lot of buzz building around the Manhattan Film Festival as it is being held in 230 locations for 7 days around the world and Los Angeles is the first city to kick it off.

The New Media Film Festival is proud to be the Los Angeles sponsor of this event in conjunction with KessPro Studios and Showbiz Store and Café. (more info http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com)

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Manhattan Short Film Festival - Los Angeles Screening

The full details on the 10 finalists are listed here: http://www.manhattanshort.com/2010_finalists.html

The UK, Watching
Croatia, Party,
Ireland, The Pool
Mexico, Underground
France, Madagascar
Australia, Push Bike
Canada, A Little Inconvenience
Poland, Echo
Germany, 12 years
Italy, War

The Manhattan Short Film Festival’s mission is to unite audiences across all seven continents of the globe for one week via the most compelling short films submitted each year. One World One Week One Festival is emblazoned within the rings that surround the Festivals Logo and it is this mantra that sets us apart from any other film event of the year.

NOTE: MANHATTAN SHORT is NOT an ONLINE Film Festival. Films are distributed to our individual partnering cinemas throughout the world. MANHATTAN SHORT is not a Touring or traveling Film Festival…it is the world’s first Global Film Festival, taking place in over 200 cities across 6 continents during one week.

Here’s more info and how to get tickets: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124417990943006&ref=ts

We will be also be screening a short film by Alex Ferrari, Red Princess Blues, which is a bonus as this filmmaker launched their short film as an iPad/iPhone app and is getting a lot of visibility for his work and this medium.

Los Angeles Screening of the Manhattan Short Film Festival
Location:Kess Pro Studios, Los Angeles
Time:7:00PM Sunday, Sept 26th

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at https://www.newmediatickets.com/

Red Carpet starts at 7 PM PST and screening of the 10 short films start at 8 PM PST.

Media should contact stephanie@minglemediatv.com or info@NewMediaFilmFestival.com.
Please contact Susan Johnston director@newmediafilmfestival.com to be added to the talent list / tickets for the event.

Can’t make it?? You can watch “Live from the Manhattan Short Film Festival” live Sunday, September 26th starting at 6:30 PM PST for behind the scenes and then live on the Red Carpet at the Festival at 7 PM PST at http://www.minglemediatv.com/ManhattanShortsFF.html