Crowd Sourcing Your Project: Get Involved w/ Malibu Hill The Movie

If you ever wanted to get involved with film, video or new media creation, then a good way to get your feet wet is to participate in projects that are using some form of “crowd sourcing.”

Marc Street the Hero in Malibu Hill the Movie

Marc Street, the Hero, in Malibu Hill the Movie

As a marketer, I will have to confess, the project I am writing about and hoping you’ll want to follow and share has a lot of the elements I like in a film… and it is just getting started.

I love scary movies….. and hot men. Okay, I confess, there are more elements (like a good story for starters) but in the marketing of it – these are two things that will catch my eye, the genre and the leading man/woman… and yours!

Meet Marc Street… (follow him @MarcStreet on Twitter)

A friend of mine, Prince Boucher, is hoping you’ll want to not only follow and be a fan of this production, but you’ll tell your friends about it too. (Follow Prince @PrinceBoucher on Twitter). Prince is one of those exciting, forward-thinking talents that believes the power of social media will be how we produce entertainment like “Malibu Hill” and other projects.

Prince is uses the funding project site called IndieGoGo. This is a really great site that helps filmmakers “pitch” their project with clips and info as well as giving you the option of donating time, items, or money to be a co-creator on this project.

For as little as $10 you can help this film get funded and when it is released get a digital version (cheaper than going to the movies!!) Click here to go to IndieGogo for Malibu Hill the Movie.

If you’d like to find out more about Malibu Hill the movie (premise: everyone is walking away from their homes due to the rising number of foreclosures, but one place, a cabin in Malibu, doesn’t want it’s inhabitants to leave). Oh yeah, follow @MalibuHill on Twitter and fan the movie on Facebook at

Here’s a teaser for this film:

Finally, be sure to at least check out more photos of the hero (Marc Street) and submit your idea for his character’s name and meet Prince – he’s got a welcome video that will give you some more info.