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DSC_0003Brad Bell - DSC_0042Magda Apanowicz, Jane Espenson, Alessandra Torresani -  2013-08-14 19.20.54-1Sean Hemeon - DSC_0134Magda Apanowicz, Jane Espenson, Alessandra Torresani -  2013-08-14 19.21.07-2The Cast of 'Bloomers' - DSC_0215
Husbands Party - 2013-08-14 21.06.12Seth Green - 2013-08-14 19.28.58Holly Holstein - DSC_0151Magda Apanowicz, Jane Espenson, Alessandra Torresani -  2013-08-14 19.21.00-2Brad Bell - DSC_0022Amy Acker - 2013-08-14 19.27.42
Brad Bell - DSC_0030Sean Hemeon - DSC_0118Magda Apanowicz & Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0056Amy Acker - 2013-08-14 19.24.35Magda Apanowicz & Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0059Brad Bell - DSC_0013
Amy Acker - 2013-08-14 19.24.37Holly Holstein - DSC_0160Sean Hemeon - DSC_0120Amy Acker - 2013-08-14 19.24.41Seth Green - 2013-08-14 19.29.10Elaine Carroll - 2013-08-14 19.45.14

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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Brandi Chang, were invited to come out to to the Husbands The Series, CW Seed Launch for Season 3 with a Screening and Red Carpet at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

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About Husbands
For too long newlywed comedy has been defined as a comedy between one man and one woman. Husbands is a story with a classic premise, as told in a marriage equalized-world. Watch every Thursday, Starting August 15th @ CWSeed.com. Starring Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon, featuring Amy Acker, Alessandra Torresani, Seth Green, Beth Grant, Michael Hogan, and Deb Theaker. Written By Brad Bell and Jane Espenson. For more info visit www.HusbandsTheSeries.com @TeamHusbands

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Paley Center’s Evening with Husbands

Alessandra & Magda - DSC_0104Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0051Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0057Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0058Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0059Alessandra Torresani - DSC_0060
Amber Benson - DSC_0083Amber Benson - DSC_0085Amber Benson - DSC_0087Amber Benson - DSC_0091Amber Benson - DSC_0093Brad Bell - DSC_0034
Brad Bell & Sean Hemeon - DSC_0041Brad Bell & Sean Hemeon - DSC_0042Brad Bell & Sean Hemeon - DSC_0045Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon, & Liz Hughes - DSC_0048Cast of Husbands - DSC_0074DSC_0002
DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0014DSC_0021DSC_0099Jane Espensen - DSC_0023

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, JJ Snyder, were invited to The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills for the First Panel Event for an Online Series, “Husbands” Season Two Premiere including a Panel with the Series’ Cast and Creative team.

The acclaimed series returns August 15th on www.LoveHusbands.com.

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More About “Husbands”
Waking up married after a drunken Vegas weekend used to be an adventure reserved for one man and one woman. But thanks to a new law, athlete Brady Kelly and actor Cheeks find themselves unexpectedly and legally wed. Unwilling to undermine the hard-fought battle with a public quicky divorce, these two decide to make a go of it. They were doing okay when they were dating. But how will it work out, now that they are HUSBANDS?

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