13th Annual Les Girls #BCD2020 #BreastCancerAwareness

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13th Annual Les Girls #BCD2020 #BreastCancerAwareness, a set on Flickr.

Mingle Media TV and our Red Carpet Report host, Danielle Robay, were invited to come out to the 13th Annual Les Girls Cabaret to benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund at the Avalon Hollywood. The event kicked off with a cocktail reception and silent auction followed by a sexy and wickedly funny evening of entertainment made possible by the donated performances by some of Hollywood’s best talent.

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About National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (NBCC)
Since 1991, NBCC has been at the vanguard of the breast cancer movement, elevating breast cancer to an issue of national significance. NBCC’s campaign, Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®, is a watershed event in the history of breast cancer that will lead to knowing how to end the disease by the end of the decade. Proceeds raised from the cabaret will enable NBCC to challenge researchers, policymakers, scientists and advocates to address breast cancer in new ways and to work collaboratively to develop strategic plans that will have a significant impact on prevention and on saving lives. For more information please visit www.breastcancerdeadline2020.org.

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Paley Center Celebrating 50 Years of General Hospital #GH50

Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0163Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0172Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0173Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0175Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0177Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0180
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0186Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0191Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0196Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0197Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0198Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0199
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0202Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0207Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0208Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0212Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0213Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0214
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0218Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0221Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0227Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0229Anthony Geary & Genie Francis - DSC_0231DSC_0134

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Linda Antwi, were invited to cover the the golden anniversary, Paley Center special event, “General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years and Looking Forward,” celebrating the longest-running soap opera currently in production and the third longest-running drama in American television history with an interactive panel which was live streamed after the red carpet.

Video Interviews with GH Stars

Watch our video interviews from the event with Jacklyn Zeman, Kirsten Storms, Kimberly McCullough, Maurice Bernard, Jason Thompson, Laura Wright, Ron Carlivati, Genie Francis, Teresa Castillo, Fiona Hughes, and Marc Samuel.

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About General Hospital

General Hospital, the most honored show of the 2012 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, celebrates its golden anniversary this month. As the popular genre reimagines itself for the twenty-first century with some soaps turning to the web for new life, General Hospital’s television ratings have soared as some of its most popular cast members return to Port Charles to mark this special anniversary. Follow GH on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/generalhospital @GeneralHospital and watch online at ABC.com.

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About The Paley Center for Media
The Paley Center for Media seeks to preserve the past, illuminate the present, and envision the future through the lens of media. With the nation’s foremost public archive of television, radio and Internet programming, the Paley Center produces programs and forums for the public, industry professionals, thought leaders, and the creative community to explore the evolving ways in which we create, consume, and share news and entertainment. The Paley Center was founded in 1975 by William S. Paley, a pioneering innovator in the industry. For more information, please visit http://www.paleycenter.org.

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