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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Stephanie Pressman, were invited to come out to the PaleyFestPreviews: Fall TV – ABC’s Trophy Wife and Back in the Game with a Screening and Red Carpet at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

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About Back in the Game: Series premiere Wednesday, Sept. 25 8:30/7:30 C
Batter up! Psych’s Maggie Lawson stars as a divorced single mother and former all-star softball player who moves in with her estranged father, Terry “The Cannon” Gannon Sr. (James Caan), a beer-swilling ex-baseball player. Father and daughter reconnect when they start coaching a Little League team together. The comedy comes from Las Vegas’ Mark and Robb Cullen, and also stars Ben Koldyke and Lenora Crichlow.,,

About Trophy Wife Series premiere Tuesday, Sept 24 9:30/8:30 C
Malin Akerman is Kate, a reformed party girl who marries Brad (Bradley Whitford) after meeting him at a karaoke bar. He comes with a lot of baggage though: three manipulative kids and two ex-wives (Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins) who, suffice it to say, don’t approve of Kate. Shocking!,,

About PaleyFestPreviews: Fall TV
The 2013 PaleyFestPreviews: Fall TV, the Paley Center’s annual weeklong celebration of the fall television season, will feature interactive Q&A sessions with members of the cast and creative teams of participating shows, in addition to multiple premiere screenings in their entirety, with each night devoted to a single broadcast network. AOL will live stream the Q&A panels of the following upcoming fall series exclusively at, giving audiences an insider look at: CBS’ We Are Men, The CW’s The Tomorrow People, FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ABC’s Trophy Wife and Back in the Game, and NBC’s Ironside. Viewers can follow @PaleyCenter on Twitter and use #PaleyFest to join in the conversation. For more information, please visit

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Snooki LOVES LOST at da Jersey Shore Web Series!!

You know how much we love the hit parody web tv series LOST at da Jersey Shore (watch it on Mingle Media TV Network) but we were super stoked to hear Snooki share on Z100 New York’s interview with her and new cast member Deena Cortese (replacing Angelina in Season 3) that her FAVORITE series on the Interwebs is LOST at da Jersey Shore!

Not sure what HOT web series I’m referring too?? Here’s some background:

(watch it on Mingle Media TV Network)

Snooki has over 1 million followers on Twitter now and at the 7:18 minute mark into the interview she tells her fans that she loves the show! So, if you’ve missed out – now’s the time to catch up – all season 1 of LOST at da Jersey Shore is here  Click and watch it on Mingle Media TV Network.

Listen to the Z100 Interview here with Snooki and Deena!

Web Series Spotlight: Answers How to Get Snooki Excited about “LOST at da Jersey Shore”

If you’re new to the term “web series” (defined as a series of New Media episodes released on the Internet and part of an emerging medium called web TV) then you’ll appreciate this series of posts that we’ll be sharing here on MMTVN’s blog.

Our first spotlight is about the series created for the web called “LOST at da Jersey Shore.” As the convergence of TV and Movies (entertainment) move to the Internet, watching this web series will give you some perspective about the type of content being made for the web – waiting for you to find and enjoy.

Cast of LOST

Cast of ABC TV's LOST

Take the ABC TV show (dare I say, “hit”) with a cult-like following, LOST; so many of us spent Monday nights watching this series, season after season, watching re-runs, joining fan clubs, going online

The "LOST" cast at da Jersey Shore

The "LOST" cast at da Jersey Shore

to visit the different websites that engaged us and had us believing the Dharma Initiative was real and then posting and tweeting about the last few seasons with our online friends. Then it was over – and we were kinda left with a void, at least I was. It was not the ending I wanted.

Cast of MTV's Jersey Shore

Cast of MTV's Jersey Shore

Then you have the reality show scene with the Housewives of (Insert City Here), Iron Chef and the “Jersey Shore” building a fan base and being chatted about online. It’s no secret that the cast of the MTV show “Jersey Shore” is making headlines (seems like daily) with “The Situation’s” book and Snooki’s birthday party, sponsored by a condom manufacturer.

The "Jersey Shore" cast on LOST at da Jersey Shore

The "Jersey Shore" cast on LOST at da Jersey Shore

Who ever thought they’d be around for more than one season, let alone have a cast member join “Dancing with the Stars.” But they are and we are watching them, well, some of us are.

The common denominator is the web – we’re online watching TV and movies on our computers, we’re hooking up our PS3’s and other gaming consoles to the Internet and plugging in our newly acquired flat screen TV’s (remember we had to buy them or get a DTV box so we can get digital television as analog is no longer being broadcast) with wireless keyboards to surf the web, watch Netflix and Hulu.

The web gives everyone equal opportunity to create, produce and publish to their hearts desire. Consider this there are over 221 million people using the Internet in the US, add to that how many people are creating video and watching it:

  • Average time spent on YouTube per month in the US: 1:12:20
  • An average of 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (which is equal to about 150K full length films over the course of a week)
  • YouTube streamed 5,799,702,000 videos in June 2010 in the US
  • Hulu streamed 598,812,000 videos in June 2010 in the US (about 1/10th of YouTube)
  • 36% of YouTube viewers are between the ages of 18-34 and are 50% male

These numbers only continues to grow.

LOST at da Jersey Shore

Watch the Series: LOST at da Jersey Shore

Recently, I had the pleasure to meet with Jen Kucsak and Richard Salazar from MovieKidz Productions and creators of the mash-up parody, “LOST at Da Jersey Shore” (which is now playing on Mingle Media TV).

Snooki Wearing "LOST on da Jersey Shore" Web Series Branded T-Shirt

Snooki Sporting "LOST on da Jersey Shore" Web Series Branded T-Shirt

This creative team has not only done their homework in creating episodes that blend the “cast” and stories of these two TV shows but the fans also find it very authentic in a parallel universe kind-of-way. The highest compliment comes when MTV, VH1 and Snooki, a cast member of the Jersey Shore, mentions the webseries on their sites/blogs. But what’s even more exciting is the latest where Snooki is sporting the “Lost on da Jersey Shore” branded T-shirt.

Snooki with "LOST at da Jersey Shore" T-Shirt

Snooki with "LOST at da Jersey Shore" T-Shirt

Be sure to watch this blog for more highlights on web series on the Mingle Media TV Network. We’re featuring web series that fit into the lifestyle category both live and produced, from comedies to romance, parenting to kids programming with a little bit of sci-fi and paranormal mixed in. (See all Topics and sign up for reminders here).

So what are you waiting for, click on the link to go watch “LOST at da Jersey Shore” right now.