Are you curious? What is “Marketing to Moms”? Jessica Gottlieb takes on this Hot Topic

When we started talking to Mom Blogger, Jessica Gottlieb, about doing a live weekly web TV show, we were struck by her passion as a mom blogger and social media enthusiast.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Jessica before, you’ve missed out. She’s on the Forbes 14 list of women to follow on Twitter, she’s a panelist on the web series: Momversation, she’s been on ABC, CNN and Dr. Phil several times. Jessica is also a public speaker and will be speaking in New York next week at the #140 Conference. It doesn’t stop there, she is also internationally well-known as last week she was written up on an Italian Mom Blog site about her upcoming show.

What does that tell you? She’s hit a nerve as the monetizing the mom blogger market grows and so many mom bloggers are being approached by brands with social marketing campaigns that go from great to what were they thinking?

Each week, Jessica will talk about moms and brand marketing. You’re invited to join in the conversation as her show airs live streaming with an open chat room at 1 PM EST on Wednesdays. Jessica’s show is also streaming LIVE on your smart phone with chat and is recorded live for replay after her show has ended in case you missed it.

You can find out more about Jessica at her blog or visit her show page on Mingle Media TV.

Are You Marketing To Me? Jessica Gottlieb Talks To Brands About Marketing to Moms on Her Weekly Web Show

We’re excited to have a new, live web TV show focused on marketing to moms with Jessica Gottlieb, well-known mommy blogger, Momversation panelist and social media enthusiast starting on Mingle Media TV beginning April 14, 2010. You’ll be able to chat live each week with Jessica online or on your iPhone, Android and other smart phones. Her shows will also be available for replay on-demand on MMTVN.

Jessica is the author of the popular blog, Speaker, Momversation Panelist, Listed on Forbes 14 Women to Follow, Nielsen Power Mom & Babble. She’s well-known for not mincing words when it comes to topics she’s passionate about and may even be seen as provocative to some; however, her trademark-style of engagement has lead to creating thoughtful posts where her reader sees the subject in a different light and agrees or takes a stand for their point-of-view. Either way, Gottlieb’s not shying away from the subjects that are topical and important for moms from what’s appropriate to disclose to reading the labels of the products you’re buying and tweeting about.

“Are You Marketing to Me, with Jessica Gottlieb,” will air live streaming on Wednesday’s at 1 PM EST on the social TV network Viewers are invited to join the chat live with Jessica and other members in the audience via text and video chat. You can find out more about Jessica and her blog, at