“Sofia the First” appisode app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch #Kids #DisneyJunior

“Sofia the First” appisode app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you heard? A new interactive episode of Disney Junior’s series Sofia the First,” is available as a brand new appisode on the Disney Junior Appisodes app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for $4.99.



Did you know that  “Sofia the First” is currently cable TV’s #1 series among kids 2-5? If you’re like a lot of parents, knowing that your child can interact with safe content on mobile devices is very important. That’s why we’re recommending this series for your children created by Disney/ABC Television Group’s Digital Media team, the Disney Junior Appisodes app is created for fans 2-7 and they can explore the app by simply touching, tapping, swiping, tilting, shaking and talking their way through the fun-filled activities of some of their favorite Disney Junior shows.

In the new appisode, “The Big Sleepover,” kids play along as Sofia helps her old friends from the village fit in with her new princess pals during her first royal slumber party. Some of the activities that kids will be engaged with are: 
  • Picking out outfits and hairstyles for Sofia’s friends
  • Completing jigsaw puzzles to move the story forward
  • Helping Sofia put on her tiara
  • Decorating a fan that will appear in the show
  • Going for an elevator ride in the castle with Sofia but a stop on the wrong floor will mean an unexpected run in with Cedric
  • Taking a picture of themselves with Clover

About Disney Junior Appisodes

Disney Junior Appisodes app launched in April 2013 and currently includes a free download of the original Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode, as well as “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey and Donald Have a Farm Appisode,  “Jake and the Never Land Pirates Appisode and  “Doc McStuffins Appisode,” all of which are available for $4.99. “Jake and the Never Land Pirates Appisode” includes the “Hide the Hideout” and “Captain Hook’s Hooks” episodes, and the “Doc McStuffins Appisode” includes Rescue Ronda, Ready For Takeoff and “A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns.” 

Disney Apps for TV

The Disney/ABC Television Group has also launched innovative apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch so you can WATCH ABCWATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD, live streaming of channel feeds, and view on demand episodes of popular shows.

Get the “Doc McStuffins” Appisodes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch #FamilyFun #DisneyJunior

reblogged from RCR By Betsy Galchutt, Entertainment Reporter

Two episodes of the popular Disney Junior series “Doc McStuffins,” about a little girl who talks to and heals her stuffed animals and toys in her “playhouse clinic,” are now available on the Disney Junior Appisode app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The available appisodes are interactive for fans ages 2-7 and allow kids to tap, tilt, shake, and talk their way through various fun-filled activities!

The Appisodes

In one of the appisodes, called “Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff,” Doc must diagnose and remove a twig from a toy helicopter’s propellers. Kids can participate by tilting their device to fly Rescue Ronda and by touching and dragging tools from Doc’s medical bag to help make the diagnosis, and lastly, by using Doc’s tweezers to help remove the twig!

In the second appisode, “A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns,” one of Doc’s blow-up toys, Boppy, springs a leak and Doc must bandage him up and teach him how to prevent future injuries. Kids also play and learn by tapping the screen to help Doc’s toys “go stuffed” and by guiding a band-aid to cover up Boppy’s boo-boo.

These fun and interactive activities are the perfect way for your child to watch, learn and participate in a stimulating and interactive way! To download the Disney Junior Appisode app for $4.99,  click here. To check out more episodes and games, visit the Disney Junior website.

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