Mamapalooza & Earth Day on the Promenade! 40 Year Celebration

We’re going to head over to the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade today and check out the Eco-Fest with over 60 fascinating eco-exhibits, food, music, and fun.

Sustainable Women: Mamapalooza Earth Day

Sustainable Women: Mamapalooza Earth Day

Some of the activities will be:
Interactive kid-friendly exhibits to include Stuart Wilde’s live llamas, Star Eco-Station’s and Children’s Nature Institute’s wild animals; Heal the Bay, Surfrider, and California Science Center’s nature exhibits. Kids will have a chance to adopt a shark, pet a llama, or sit in the driver’s seat of a Big Blue Bus powered by natural gas.

A “Sustainable Transport Village” will include displays of alternative fuel vehicles including Toyota 3rd Generation Prius, Honda hybrid(s), electric bikes and scooters.

The best part (the heart) of the festival, live music will be presented by Mamapalooza!; Women-empowered, Mom-branded Entertainment & Activism for a greener planet, featuring among others Stacy Robin and the Mama Earth Band, Sabina with Free To Be Me Drum Circle and other award-winning singers & songwriters!

We will be capturing moments and performances to share with you later this weekend.

Sponsors of Earth Day include City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Mirror, KPFK 90.7 FM, Mamapalooza, Vision Magazine, Whole Life Times, and LA Weekly, and Women of the Green Generation, Green Business Networking, and

Please flip it off. Don’t flip us off. #EarthHour2010

Earth Hour: It’s a Choice To Turn OFF Non-Essential Electrical Devices

Last year I watched the Twitter feed about Earth Hour and was so amazed at the number of people who tweeted they did not care, they turned all their lights on, they did not believe in global warming, etc… You get my drift.

However, this act, of turning your lights and non-essential electronics off for one hour is more about being a symbolic gesture of honoring the Earth and sending a message to those around you from neighbors to politicians to the power companies that we do care.

When did we stop caring about causes? When did we stop wanting to be heard? Why do we not care about the planet we live on? For me, I’ve seen one too many SciFi movies about aliens coming to planet earth because they could no longer live on their planet as they used up all their resources.

If you don’t believe in global warming, nothing will change your mind. But if you do believe we should take care of the place we live then why not start tonight?

With over 125 countries and regions around the world participating in this small act of awareness, we join the world in showing we do care enough to stop and think about our  planet.

That’s all we can ask today and maybe all you are willing to do. We don’t have to ignore the gesture and tweet out we have all our lights on, it only proves one thing and I think you know what that is.

Tonight join all of us at Mingle Media TV and our friends around the world for Earth Hour > one hour > 8:30 PM YOUR LOCAL Time Zone.

Please flip it off. Don’t flip us off.  #EarthHour2010