24th Annual #FriendlyHouseLA Awards

Earl Hightower, Sydney Holland, & Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0097IMG_6563DSC_0178Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0135Lindy FLemming & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0025Charlie Colin - DSC_0085
Michael Hollingsworth & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0018Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0050DSC_0003Brogyn Gage & Nigel Lythgoe - IMG_6566Brogyn Gage & Eden Sassoon - IMG_6571Earl Hightower, Sydney Holland, & Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0090
Jennifer Bassey - DSC_0218Winn Claybaugh - DSC_0015Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0061Katherine Bailess - DSC_0238Earl Hightower - DSC_0076Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0151
Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland & Peggy Albrecht - DSC_0053Carrie White, Beverly & Eden Sassoon - DSC_0142Katherine Bailess - DSC_0235Sumner Redstone & Sydney Holland - DSC_0033Katherine Bailess & Megan - DSC_0228Jennifer Bassey - DSC_0216

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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Brogyn Gage, were invited to come out to cover Friendly House Los Angeles’ 24th Annual Awards Luncheon. This year Winn Claybaugh, author and Dean and Co-Founder of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s schools will be honored with the “Humanitarian of the Year” award along with Earl Hightower, Founder, Hightower Associates with the “Excellence in Service” award and Sydney Holland, renowned philanthropist and CEO of Rich Hippie Production with the “Woman of the Year” award. Viola Davis and Sumner Redstone served as Honorary Co-Chairs along with Peggy Albrecht and Michael Hollingsworth.

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About Friendly House
Friendly House was founded in 1951 and was the first home in the country for women recovering from substance and alcohol abuse and is a model for recovery homes in the United States and Europe. They have successfully treated thousands of women with a success rate of 76% compared to the hospital average of 35%. The organization is solely supported by private donations and grants and by the fundraising efforts of the Board of Directors, Grateful Hearts (former residents of Friendly House). For more information, please visit www.FriendlyHouseLA.org.

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2013 Media Access Awards #MediaAccessAwards

Ashley Bornancin - DSC_0100George R. R. Martin - DSC_0019Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0083Fred Willard & George R. R. Martin - IMG_6254David Shore - DSC_0025DSC_0113
Frank Marshall - DSC_0038Ashley Bornancin & Shoshanna Stern - IMG_6304Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0089Ashley Bornancin & Marlee Matlin - IMG_6312Ryan Lane, Marlee Matlin & Shoshanna Stern - DSC_0086Ashley Bornancin & Gerri Jewell - DSC_0047
Ashley Bornancin & Deedee Bradley - IMG_6276Greg Grunberg - IMG_6267George R. R. Martin - DSC_0010Ashley Bornancin & George R. R. Martin - IMG_6259Ashley Bornancin & Greg Grunberg - IMG_6282Ashley Bornancin & Ryan Lane - IMG_6283
DSC_0002Deedee Bradley & Ryan Lane - DSC_0063Deedee Bradley & Ryan Lane - DSC_0066George R. R. Martin - DSC_0031Ashley Bornancin, Gerri Jewel & Normal Lear - DSC_0045Greg Grunberg - IMG_6303

Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Ashley Bornancin, were invited to come out to the 2013 Media Access Awards honoring, highlighting, and promoting disability and its depictions in film, television, and new media. This year’s press breakfast was held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

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About the Media Access Awards

The Media Access Awards aim to recognize depictions of disability that are accurate, inclusive, and multi-faceted. Our press breakfast and awards ceremony honor those industry professionals who have advanced disability-related narrative in fields including writing, producing, casting, performance, and directing. We are proud and pleased to be at the forefront of creating and promoting opportunities for some of the brightest talents in the industry. mediaaccessawards.com www.facebook.com/MediaAccessAwards

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2013 Do Something Awards #DSAwards Photos + Interviews

Sophia Bush - DSC_0195Laura Marano - DSC_0190Robert Riley - DSC_0016Paige Sullivan - DSC_0260Caitlin Crosby - DSC_0082Katherine Bailess - 2013-07-31 15.39.59
Carmen Electra - DSC_0233McKinley Freeman - DSC_0038Laura Marano - DSC_0192Taylor Spreitler - DSC_0127Shamicka Lawrence & Sheree Fletcher - DSC_0111Carmen Electra - DSC_0212
Janel Parrish - 2013-07-31 16.08.31DSC_0054Laura Marano - DSC_0176Caitlin Crosby - DSC_0076Taylor Spreitler - DSC_0124Aisha Tyler & Jillian Mourning - DSC_0140
Aisha Tyler - DSC_0156Jesse Tyler Ferguson - DSC_0250Aisha Tyler - DSC_0154Laura Marano - DSC_0174Katherine Bailess & Taylor Paige - DSC_0068Taylor Spreitler - DSC_0126

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Paige Sullivan, were invited to cover the 2013 Do Something Awards (#DSAwards) hosted by actress Sophia Bush along with celebrity presenters Malin Akerman, Lucy Hale, Cynthia Nixon, Russell Simmons and Aisha Tyler. This year’s high-energy show is honoring celebrities Patrick Dempsey, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jennifer Hudson, LL COOL J and Kelly Osbourne for being amazing social change leaders, along with five “do-gooders,” 25 and under, who are in the trenches, creating substantial change in our world.

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About the Do Something Awards
In addition to honoring celebrities for their work to inspire others, and a night filled with great musical performances, one young “do-er” (age 25 and under) will receive a grand prize of $100,000 for their cause and the four other nominees will receive a $10,000 community grant. This is the largest and most prestigious prize in the world for young people and social change.

Interviews from the Do Something Awards Blue Carpet

We interviewed Aisha Tyler, Caitlin Crosby, James LaRosa, Janel Parrish, Jena Sims, Jillian Rose Reed & Nikki DeLoach, Katherine Bailess, Laura Marano, McKinley Freeman, Niki McElroy, Robert Riley, Shamicka Lawrence & Sheree Fletcher, Steve Ward, and Taylor Spreitler. Click to watch them on our YouTube Channel.

This year’s five nominees have gone above and beyond to make a difference addressing important issues. Nominees include Sasha Fisher (Spark MicroGrants); Daniel Maree (Million Hoodies Movement for Justice); Jillian Mourning (All We Want is LOVE – Liberation of Victims Everywhere); Lorella Praeli (United We Dream); and Ben Simon (Food Recovery Network). http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/do_something_awards/2013/index.jhtml

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