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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report host Ashley Bornancin were invited to come out to Warner Bros Studios Lot, Stage 22 for a set visit with the cast of the ABC Family hit series “The Fosters.” We’ve been dying to post this as it actually happened in early December and we had to wait until today to share with you!

Ashley Bornancin & Maia Mitchell - DSC_0022 Ashley Bornancin & Cierra Ramirez - IMG_7903 Ashley Bornancin & David Lambert - DSC_0015

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About The Fosters

The series is a one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms. From executive producer Jennifer Lopez and created by Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige (“Queer As Folk”), who will also serve as writers and executive producers comes The Fosters. Stars Teri Polo (“Meet the Parents”), Sherri Saum (“In Treatment”), Jake T. Austin (“Wizards of Waverly Place”), Hayden Byerly (“Parenthood”), David Lambert (“Aaron Stone”), newcomer Maia Mitchell (star of Disney Channel’s upcoming “Teen Beach Movie”), Danny Nucci (“Titanic”) and Cierra Ramirez (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”).

Series Premieres on Monday, January 13 at 9/8c on ABC Family!

“The Fosters” returns with all-new episodes on Monday, January 13, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ET/PT, picking up from the summer cliffhanger. The repercussions of Callie’s decision to run away impact every member of the Foster family, including newlyweds Stef and Lena, who had offered to adopt the troubled teen.  Both Jude and Brandon struggle with their own personal guilt about her running away.  Mariana inadvertently discovers the whole story about Lexi’s upcoming trip to Honduras.   “The Honeymoon” was written by Bradley Bredeweg & Peter Paige, and directed by Jim Hayman.

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Tune in for #ABCFamily’s Holidaze #25DaysofChristmas Movie Starring Cameron Mathison and Find out What He Wants for Christmas #Interview

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In case you’ve missed it, hunky, sometimes shirtless, Cameron Mathison, aka Ryan Lavery from All My Children to millions of fans, is starring in the new ABC Family movie “Holidaze” with Jennie Garth tonight. We talked to Cameron about his role, love, Jennie and what he wants for Christmas… so be sure to tell Santa when you see him in the mall that you know what he wants, and he’s been “nice.”

About Holidaze

Jennie Garth (“Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Dancing with the Stars”) and Cameron Mathison (“Dancing with the Stars,” “All My Children,” “Good Morning America”) prove you can go home again, in the all new ABC Family original movie “Holidaze,” premiering Sunday, December 8 (8:00 – 10:00pm ET/PT). The movie airs as part of ABC Family’s annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming event. Mary Kay Place (“The Big Chill,” “The West Wing,” “Big Love”) also stars.

Tune in tonight on ABC Family at 8 PM – or DVR it… Don’t Miss “Holidaze”

Our Interview with Cameron

The morning we interviewed Cameron, he was on “elf” duty for ABC’s Good Morning America, delivering a new car to a deserving winner of their “Great Car Giveaway” and like many of us out there – we cried seeing the joy that was on the mom-to-be’s face and how truly authentic and happy Cameron was to be the one to give it to her. Which is the best thing we got from our interview, Cameron is a super awesome family man and a versatile actor.

This movie sounds like it could be a new twist to “Groundhog Day” for Christmas where a twist of fate could change how the love of your life remains in your world or not.

Cameron tells us he enjoyed exploring being a character that has a childhood sweetheart and the nuances that it brings including butting heads. He told us he had a high school teacher who would do exercises where you would put yourself in an alternate universe and think about the “what if’s” but it isn’t one of the things that he spends time thinking about, he’s very happy in the life he has “for real.”

Why this movie?

Cameron’s a big Jennie Garth fan and was excited to be working with her on this movie. He liked his character
“Carter” as he is a “good guy” with values and knows what he wants in life. His character likes living in a small town and so does Cameron, although he lives in LA, it’s more LA County being he’s lives in a smaller community in the mountains that surround LA.

Cameron also tells us that  he likes how the underlying theme of this movie is about how society and life in general pull you into a fast pace, pushing you to get a better job and climb the corporate ladder and how his character is the polar opposite, one that values community, is grounded and connected to those around him.

Personally speaking, Cameron likes the contrast. He prefers to focus on balance in his life and getting to more meaningful aspects of life – getting off the freeway and slowing down.

Favorite Holiday

Cameron’s favorite holiday is Christmas, he tells us that his family loves to decorate their home and it is part of the traditions they have created from Thanksgiving dinners to ice skating to reading the kids their favorite stories. He tells us they are The Happy Prince, The Gift of the Magi and The Night Before Christmas.

…with that said, he tells us his favorite part of Christmas is their tradition of spending time together as a family and opening presents (from youngest to oldest) and seeing his children’s excitement to see what Santa has brought them.

What Can Santa Bring Cameron for Christmas?

That’s easy – it rolled off his tongue like he wrote a “dear Santa” letter and sent it off the week before… a wireless power drill. Tweet to Cameron about this interview and how much you hope he gets what he wants for Christmas. Here’s his twitter link:

Cameron – we hope you get what you want for Christmas!

About Holidaze

Celebrate the Holidaze with a new ABC Family Original movie! Holidaze stars Jennie Garth (90210, What I Like about You) as Melody, a successful and adventurous business woman who begrudgingly returns to her hometown for work. While there she takes a tumble and wakes up in an alternate reality where she never left town and married her childhood sweetheart, Carter McClure, played by Cameron Mathison (All My Children, Good Morning America). Could this experience change Melody’s decision to leave home? Watch Holidaze, during ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, on Sunday, December 8th at 8pm ET/PT.

Fans can get more information online at: 
Twitter hashtag: #25DaysofChristmas

Are You an ABC Family #Twisted Fan? Check out our Interview with Kylie Bunbury & The Season Finale

KYLIE BUNBURY "Twisted" airs on Tuesday's 9:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT on ABC Family.  (ABC FAMILY/ERIC LIEBOWITZ)

“Twisted” airs on Tuesday’s 9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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We got to speak with Kylie Bunbury from the new ABC Family Hit Show, Twisted, about her role and the upcoming season finale tomorrow night.

We asked how she got the role? She said she got the script outside of pilot season and was really intrigues by the dynamics between the three main characters.

Kylie tells us she went in to read for Lacy and Adam (Adam Milch, Executive Producer) liked me. She got a call back and then did a chemistry read with Maddie (Maddie Hasson, her co-star).

Kylie says everything happened very fast, like a whirlwind.

We asked Kylie what she liked about the character she plays and she told us she likes how she has a “hard exterior”  but is nice when it counts and is vulnerable. There are reasons she is the way she is and Kylie says she likes how the character development is not all out in the open, which keeps the audience guessing about what she will do next.

Kylie also tells us that she is like her character and she makes some mistakes but is true to herself and a bit reserved in letting people into her life, but she shares that confidence and softness with her TV character as well.

Since the show is about high school and popular kids play a big role in the interaction of the three main characters and the mystery surrounding Avan Jogia’s troubled past, we asked about the importance of being in the “in crowd.” Kylie tells us that she realized when she got into the real world things aren’t as they seem, her character became popular because she didn’t want the issue that happened in the past when she was eleven to define her.

She does tell us that what she found to be true in real life is to be yourself, be true to yourself and know you worth, that’s what’s important. Kylie says to never compromise and keep your integrity, if you just want to fit in and you compromise to do so, you won’t feel good after.

Sorry – no spoiler here! You’ll have to watch the final season summer final episode entitled  “Out With the In-Crowd,” airing Tuesday, August 27th at 9:00pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

Kylie and her cast mates go back to work in October on new episodes so don’t miss out on the season finale tomorrow night! Be sure to follow Kylie on Twitter!

About Twisted
“Twisted” is a one-hour mystery full of twists and turns that is centered on a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past (Avan Jogia) who has recently reconnected with his two female best friends from childhood (Maddie Hasson and Kylie Bunbury). He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is found dead in her home. The series also stars Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards, Ashton Moio and Denise Richards. “Twisted” is executive-produced by Gavin Polone, David Babcock and Adam Milch. “Twisted” is produced by Prodco, Inc.

Official ABC Family “Twisted” website:
Twitter: @TwistedABCF #Twisted

Imagine summer fun, TV and learning all rolled into one TV show! Spell-mageddon! #ABCFamily

Spell-Mageddon World Premiere July 24 – Watch Each Wednesday at 9/8c on ABC Family

We love this new ABC Family show hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, imagine the fun and what you could learn in one hour? Yes, the one hour game show makes the spelling bee something to strive for and not be afraid of… but watch out, the contestants on Spell-Mageddon are not only distracted but stuff happens to them while the spelling challenges get increasingly tougher!

Watch this Clip

We got to speak with Alfonso before the premiere and he is just as funny and entertaining as we remember him from his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days.

Alfonso Ribeiro, Host of Spell-mageddon, star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Photo courtesy ABC Family

Alfonso Ribeiro, Host of Spell-mageddon, star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

We had to ask: Were you a good speller in school?

He tells us that spelling was not his “best area” but  math was #1! That’s why he can feel for the contestants when they get a spelling wrong…

Does Alfonso rely on his autocorrect on his mobile?

Oh no, he’s very careful and reads as he goes, he doesn’t do 100MPH, he proofreads… (smart!)

So if spelling isn’t really his passion, why this project?

Alfonso tells us that it’s a fun ride and he always wanted to be involved with something fun, like this, take the spelling bee and add crazy distractions! It’s pure comedy and the contestants are so great and so focused. The Zapp electric shockers and sounds that are made by them when they react are too funny. The best part is they want to be there and we get to see their real reactions and have fun.

Alfonso tells us that people are very excited about a show that is positive and they really enjoy it. It’s truly LOL – laugh out loud fun. It’s naturally, not staged funny and very positive in nature.

How do you describe the show to people who don’t get it?

He says – think of the ABC Wipeout Show and it’s like that but you are learning words.


Imagine summer fun, TV and learning all rolled into one TV show!

About Spell-Mageddon

Spell-Mageddon is an hour game show where contestants take on hilarious distractions while spelling increasingly challenging words!

Maia Mitchell Gives The Fosters on ABC Family Heart, Tune In Tonight to See Why

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If you haven’t discovered “The Fosters” on ABC Family, tune in tonight to see what you’ve been missing. We got to speak with one of the “foster” kids about her role and what it’s been like to be on this series a few days ago.

Maia Mitchell, the talented actress from down under, who plays Callie on the series is a hardened character in survival mode and learning to slowly begin to trust those around her. She’s very protective of her younger brother and will do what it takes to be there for him, even if it means breaking the rules and putting her relationship with her foster parents at risk.

We asked Maia how she found this role and she told us that she read the script for the pilot 3 or 4 times and auditioned twice, she really wanted to be cast as Callie because she as she tells us, she was “obsessed” with the character and knew the show was going to be a hit.

Here’s Maia talking to us on the blue carpet a few weeks back at the Monsters University premiere about her role on The Fosters.

How does an actor so young portray such a powerful performance?

Maia tells us that “Callie’s journey is to learn how to trust people” and the upcoming episode entitled “The Fallout” is a dramatic one, where she needs to understand that she has to face her past. She’s being encouraged to go to therapy, but as Maia tells us “a therapy session is not going to do it for Callie, she butts heads with the concept and she can’t face the demon’s in her past…” at least not yet.

Maia tells us that “the dialog is so strong and the character arcs are so clear in the writing that the more (I) am in character, the easier it is to be that character.”

She also tells us that she “learned more about (my)self in the pilot, it was so raw and I allowed myself to get lost in the character, dig deep beyond my comfort zone, and be challenged on a deeper level” than she had been at this point in her career.

Here’s a clip from a past episode about “Callie and her little brother Jude”

Finally, we asked who her favorite cast mate was on the show?

She tells us that’s a really tough question, but she finally shared it was Hayden Byerly, who plays her little brother Jude,”because we have a character history and I have a little brother (in real life) so I enjoy his company he reminds me of Charlie, my brother, Hayden’s very precocious and very clever.”

Be sure to tune in to “The Fosters” on Monday Nights at 9 PM ET. You can also find out more about this series, watch past episodes and even follow Maia on Twitter at



About The Fosters

From executive producer Jennifer Lopez and created by Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige (“Queer As Folk”), who will also serve as writers and executive producers comes The Fosters. The series is a one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms.

Starring: Teri Polo (“Meet the Parents”), Sherri Saum (“In Treatment”), Jake T. Austin (“Wizards of Waverly Place”), Hayden Byerly (“Parenthood”), David Lambert (“Aaron Stone”), newcomer Maia Mitchell (star of Disney Channel’s upcoming “Teen Beach Movie”), Danny Nucci (“Titanic”) and Cierra Ramirez (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”).

“Pretty Little Liars” #PLL @PaleyCenter Event Red Carpet

Sasha Pieterse & Tyler Blackburn - DSC_0012Ian Harding - DSC_0010Ian Harding - DSC_0009Ian Harding - DSC_0005Executive Producer, Oliver Goldstick - DSC_0018Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0074
Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0073Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0069Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0068Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0056Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0053Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0041
Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0039Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0038Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0037Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0026Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0025Cast of "Pretty Little Liars" - DSC_0022
17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles17th Annual #TonyAwards Party #LosAngeles
Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Alicia Ying, were invited to come out to the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills for the Pretty Little Liars Special Live Stream Event and Season 4 premiere panel. Don’t miss the summer premiere Tuesday, June 11 at 8/7c on ABC Family!

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About Pretty Little Liars
From ABC Family and Warner Horizon Television, Pretty Little Liars – the addictive and suspenseful drama series that revolves around four teenage girlfriends who begin receiving threatening messages shortly after the disappearance and apparent death of their friend, a notorious Queen Bee — is routinely TV’s most tweeted-about series. In fact, PLL boasts one of the most passionate followings in the social media universe. On the (stiletto) heels of the third season’s twists and thrills, and the recent announcement of an upcoming spinoff (Ravenswood), PLL is a new kind of media phenomenon, with an engaged audience that’s thrilled to be along for the ride.

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Switched At Birth Fans Get the Scoop on the New Season, Watch the Marathon and Share Your Favorite Interview


SWITCHED AT BIRTH – “Mother and Child Divided” – While Regina has been away at rehab, Daphne has grown closer to the Kennish family, spending her days at their country club and spending her nights in their guest room. This new family dynamic does not sit well with Regina, who unexpectedly returns home early in hopes of spending more time with Daphne. The summer premiere of Peabody Award-winning “Switched at Birth” airs Monday, June 10 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless)

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Ashley Bornancin, were invited to come out to the set of Switched at Birth and talk with cast and crew in anticipation of their season premiere on Monday June 10th. Fans can watch or catch up on episodes with the “Switched At Birth” marathon airing Monday, June 10, starting At 2:00PM ET/PT then see the new seasons episode premiering at 8 PM with Regina returning from rehab.

Watch our On Set Interviews

We spoke to Vanessa Marano, Ryan Lane, Lucas Grabeel, Katie Leclerc, Blair Redford and Cassi Thomson from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. Watch them on YouTube. Who’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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In the premiere episode, Regina returns from rehab and tries to transition back to life at the Kennish house, in the summer premiere of “Switched at Birth,” airing Monday, June 10 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. The premiere follows a “Switched at Birth” marathon, starting at 2:00PM ET/PT.

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About Switched at Birth
“Switched at Birth” is executive-produced by Lizzy Weiss (“Blue Crush”), Paul Stupin (“Make It or Break It”), Becky Hartman Edwards (“Parenthood”) and John Ziffren (“Melissa & Joey,” “Make It or Break It”). The series stars Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez; Vanessa Marano (“Gilmore Girls”) as Bay Kennish; Constance Marie (“George Lopez”) as Regina Vasquez; D.W. Moffett (“Friday Night Lights”) as John Kennish; Lea Thompson (“Back to the Future,” “Caroline in the City”) as Kathryn Kennish; Lucas Grabeel (“High School Musical”) as Toby Kennish; Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe; and Gilles Marini (“Brothers and Sisters”) as Angelo Sorrento, with guest star Marlee Matlin (“The West Wing”). The groundbreaking drama was recently honored with a Peabody Award.

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Pretty Little Liar Fans: Here’s a few Sneak Peeks at the Next Episode “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno”

Watch and Share these special clips from ABC Family‘s “Pretty Little Liars” with behind-the-scenes commentary from Troian Bellisario.

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Tune in for “Bunheads” on ABC Family – You’ll Get the Pointe When You Watch

Bunheads Premieres Tonight at 9 PM ET/PTBunheads Premieres Tonight at 9 PM ET/PT

Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report got to talk to Tony-award Winner, Sutton Foster, about her new role on the ABC Family TV series, Bunheads, premiering tonight at 9 PM ET/PT.

“Bunheads” is about a Las Vegas showgirl (Sutton Foster) who impulsively marries a man (Alan Ruck, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) and moves to Paradise, CA, where she finds out that he lives with his head-strong mother and ends up working at her new mother-in-law’s dance school. Awkward.

Sutton Foster Trivia:

  • Her birthday is March 18th
  • She was born in Georgia but grew up in Michigan
  • At 15 she was a contestant on the television show Star Search
  • She has received two Tony Awards: (1) 2002 for her role of Millie Dillmount in Thoroughly Modern Millie and (2) 2011 for her role of Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes – she also says that this is her favorite role to-date, she likes Reno’s sass!

This is a story that will connect with fans of Gilmore Girls (although we are a little older) as well as younger fans who relate to the situation of pursuing a dream as a dancer and get caught up in life. We believe this is one of those series that will be around like Gilmore Girls and keep us watching as we fall in love with the story and character drama and be ever hopeful of things turning out for Michelle (Sutton Foster) and her new life.

“Bunheads” is executive-produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino and stars Sutton Foster, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain and Emma Dumont, with guest star Kelly Bishop.

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