Handy Manny: Behind the Scenes ~ 100th Episode

We were invited to come to Salami Studios in No. Hollywood  on Thursday, Feb. 4 to meet with the supporting characters for Disney’s Playhouse hit series, Handy Manny. We got to meet the actors who play Felipe, Pat, Turner, Stretch, Squeeze, Dusty, Rusty, Flicker, Kelly and Mr. Lopart and watch them in action.

Handy Manny 100th Episode

During our time at Salami Studios we interviewed the cast of characters, the producers and creative minds behind Handy Manny. It was lots of fun to be part of their 100th Episode event and hope you will watch Handy Manny on Disney’s Playhouse and be sure to visit the website for fun and interactive things to do online.

Tune In: We’re going to air this footage on Tuesday, February 16th on Kerri Pomarolli’s Laugh Break show at 4 PM ET online at MMTVN. If your kids love Handy Manny, have them tune in to see how Handy Manny is created from the cast to the producers – plus they’ll get to see the cake from the 100th episode as this was a milestone in the production of this popular kids program. It’s a great way to see how the characters get their voice!

Don’t worry, if you miss it, you can always watch the replay!