Interview with ABC’s Betrayal Star Henry Thomas #Betrayal

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We had a very enjoyable chat with Henry Thomas a few days ago about his role in the hot, new TV drama, Betrayal, which airs on Sunday nights on the ABC TV Network at 10 PM. A few weeks back, we spoke with one of his cast members, Stuart Townsend, and they both had the same comment about the series, that it takes time to unfold the complexity of the characters and they are pleased with how the series and fans are now reacting each week.

Another interesting part of our interview was that I felt like I knew Henry, like a son, as I watched him grow up from his unforgettable role in the Steven Spielberg classic “E.T.” which just had it’s 30th anniversary (oh, yikes, that kinda reflects on my age… but I’m only 29?!). I digress.

About Playing T.J.

We asked Henry about how he got the role on Betrayal. He tells us he initially read for another character but was called back to read for T.J. Henry said that he hadn’t thought about doing that character initially, he was trepidatious because he really didn’t want to see the character become a caricature.

Stuart Townsend, Helena Mattsson, Henry Thomas, Betrayal Photo Credit ABC/Jean Whiteside

Stuart Townsend, Helena Mattsson, Henry Thomas, Betrayal
Photo Credit ABC/Jean Whiteside

What Do You Like About T. J.?

Henry told us that he likes that T.J. is struggling with himself, he’s at the controls and is clever and more capable than people give him credit for. He may make mistakes but Henry likes that his character is a “good guy” who is a loyal, good-hearted person.

Turning the Tables 

Now that we’re seeing more of T.J.’s character in the past few episodes and his interactions with Stuart Townsend’s character, Jack, and the death of his “girlfriend” Brandy, we’re seeing how he starts to rebel against his support system of family and friends.

We asked Henry an off the wall question at this point in our interview – “what if your character overcame his disability and turned the tables on his father because of Brandy’s death?” and Henry started laughing and said, yes, that would be coming up in Season 6. (spoiler alert – LOL).

T.J. and Thatcher Argue About Brandy

But seriously, Henry tells us in terms of the devastating blow of losing Brandy, there are other things like Jack and his Dad talking down to his character T.J. and excluding him from family business that has pushed him to this point. He has had enough – and its this desperation of wanting to have complete control over his life even though he knows he has a disability, he is trying to deal with life in a healthy way.

It’s a bold move for him and threatens his relationships with his family.

Do You Like How Your Character is Developing?

Henry told us that he really works hard to not make his character T.J. a “rain man” type personality or caricature and is very protective of him. He says the writers are good about working with him on making sure that his character is treated with kit gloves and respect, so if there’s anything grim that he has to be a part of, he collaborates with the writers and then puts that scene in context with T.J. so he can handle whatever they throw his way.

Best Scene

Henry tells us the best scene for him so far has been when he shows up to talk to Carsten (his dad, played by James Cromwell) with Brandy and a ring and a plan.

Henry Thomas and James Cromwell, Betrayal Photo Credit ABC/Jean Whiteside

Henry Thomas and James Cromwell, Betrayal
Photo Credit ABC/Jean Whiteside

Act or play music…

Finally, we ask Henry – what would he prefer to do full-time? Then, we had to add the caveat that he would be paid the same (he’s a hard negotiator when interviewed) and he said “I would do music, then it could be on my own time and be whenever I wanted and I could work from home.”

Well, Henry, we hope you get to do that some day – but we hope it’s several years from now after your character T.J. has turned the tables after being healed by some new medical procedure in season six of Betrayal.

About Tonight’s Episode

“It’s just you and me now…” – Jack whisks Sara away for a romantic road trip, even as the FBI is tracking him down. As T.J. is unable to cope with Brandy’s death or find his place at Karsten Allied, his reckless behavior turns dangerous. Karsten decides to settle the score with Jack by making a deal with an unlikely ally, on “Betrayal,” TONIGHT, DECEMBER 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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Watch full episodes and find out more about Betrayal on ABC’s website.

“Betrayal” stars Hannah Ware as Sara Hanley, Henry Thomas as T.J. Karsten, Chris Johnson as Drew Stafford, Wendy Moniz as Elaine McAllister, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Valerie McAllister, Braeden Lemasters as Victor McAllister, with Stuart Townsend as Jack McAllister, and James Cromwell as Thatcher Karsten.

Guest starring are Sofia Black-D’Elia as Jules Walsh, Brendan Hines as Aidan, Erin Way as Megan and Ora Jones as Quincy Theringer.

“It’s just you and me now…” is written by David Zabel & Lisa Zwerling and directed by Bethany Rooney.

Tune in for #ABCFamily’s Holidaze #25DaysofChristmas Movie Starring Cameron Mathison and Find out What He Wants for Christmas #Interview

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In case you’ve missed it, hunky, sometimes shirtless, Cameron Mathison, aka Ryan Lavery from All My Children to millions of fans, is starring in the new ABC Family movie “Holidaze” with Jennie Garth tonight. We talked to Cameron about his role, love, Jennie and what he wants for Christmas… so be sure to tell Santa when you see him in the mall that you know what he wants, and he’s been “nice.”

About Holidaze

Jennie Garth (“Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Dancing with the Stars”) and Cameron Mathison (“Dancing with the Stars,” “All My Children,” “Good Morning America”) prove you can go home again, in the all new ABC Family original movie “Holidaze,” premiering Sunday, December 8 (8:00 – 10:00pm ET/PT). The movie airs as part of ABC Family’s annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming event. Mary Kay Place (“The Big Chill,” “The West Wing,” “Big Love”) also stars.

Tune in tonight on ABC Family at 8 PM – or DVR it… Don’t Miss “Holidaze”

Our Interview with Cameron

The morning we interviewed Cameron, he was on “elf” duty for ABC’s Good Morning America, delivering a new car to a deserving winner of their “Great Car Giveaway” and like many of us out there – we cried seeing the joy that was on the mom-to-be’s face and how truly authentic and happy Cameron was to be the one to give it to her. Which is the best thing we got from our interview, Cameron is a super awesome family man and a versatile actor.

This movie sounds like it could be a new twist to “Groundhog Day” for Christmas where a twist of fate could change how the love of your life remains in your world or not.

Cameron tells us he enjoyed exploring being a character that has a childhood sweetheart and the nuances that it brings including butting heads. He told us he had a high school teacher who would do exercises where you would put yourself in an alternate universe and think about the “what if’s” but it isn’t one of the things that he spends time thinking about, he’s very happy in the life he has “for real.”

Why this movie?

Cameron’s a big Jennie Garth fan and was excited to be working with her on this movie. He liked his character
“Carter” as he is a “good guy” with values and knows what he wants in life. His character likes living in a small town and so does Cameron, although he lives in LA, it’s more LA County being he’s lives in a smaller community in the mountains that surround LA.

Cameron also tells us that  he likes how the underlying theme of this movie is about how society and life in general pull you into a fast pace, pushing you to get a better job and climb the corporate ladder and how his character is the polar opposite, one that values community, is grounded and connected to those around him.

Personally speaking, Cameron likes the contrast. He prefers to focus on balance in his life and getting to more meaningful aspects of life – getting off the freeway and slowing down.

Favorite Holiday

Cameron’s favorite holiday is Christmas, he tells us that his family loves to decorate their home and it is part of the traditions they have created from Thanksgiving dinners to ice skating to reading the kids their favorite stories. He tells us they are The Happy Prince, The Gift of the Magi and The Night Before Christmas.

…with that said, he tells us his favorite part of Christmas is their tradition of spending time together as a family and opening presents (from youngest to oldest) and seeing his children’s excitement to see what Santa has brought them.

What Can Santa Bring Cameron for Christmas?

That’s easy – it rolled off his tongue like he wrote a “dear Santa” letter and sent it off the week before… a wireless power drill. Tweet to Cameron about this interview and how much you hope he gets what he wants for Christmas. Here’s his twitter link:

Cameron – we hope you get what you want for Christmas!

About Holidaze

Celebrate the Holidaze with a new ABC Family Original movie! Holidaze stars Jennie Garth (90210, What I Like about You) as Melody, a successful and adventurous business woman who begrudgingly returns to her hometown for work. While there she takes a tumble and wakes up in an alternate reality where she never left town and married her childhood sweetheart, Carter McClure, played by Cameron Mathison (All My Children, Good Morning America). Could this experience change Melody’s decision to leave home? Watch Holidaze, during ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, on Sunday, December 8th at 8pm ET/PT.

Fans can get more information online at: 
Twitter hashtag: #25DaysofChristmas