2013 Justice Ball Benefiting Unlikely Heroes #JusticeBall

DSC_0032DSC_0111Romeo Miller - DSC_0141Francia Raisa - DSC_0073Danielle Robay & Bob Guiney - DSC_0100Danielle Robay & Francia Raisa - 2013-09-24 20.16.59-1
Danielle Robay & Bob Guiney - 2013-09-24 20.26.38Francia Raisa - DSC_0071Danielle Robay & Fracia Raisa - DSC_0095Jessica Hall - DSC_0066The Groovaloos - DSC_0044Romeo Miller - DSC_0140
The Groovaloos - DSC_0037Danielle Robay - DSC_0026Danielle Robay - DSC_0023Danielle Robay & Romeo Miller - 2013-09-24 21.02.35Romeo Miller - DSC_0139Danielle Robay & Maitland Ward - 2013-09-24 20.34.20
Danielle Roaby & Logan Browning - 2013-09-24 20.51.08Jessica Hall - DSC_0064Danielle Robay & Bob Guiney - 2013-09-24 20.26.41Romeo Miller - DSC_0142Danielle Robay & Fracia Raisa - DSC_0094Danielle Robay & Jessica Hall - 2013-09-24 20.06.35

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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Danielle Robay, were invited to come out to The Justice Ball hosted by Guggenheim Partners to benefit international anti-human trafficking organization Unlikely Heroes at Boulevard3 on Sunset in Hollywood with celebrity host Francia Raisa & a live performance by the Groovaloos.

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About The Justice Ball
The Justice Ball will celebrate the Hebrew New Year with all proceeds supporting the Unlikely Heroes Restoration home in the Philippines, which provides safety, life skills, job training, education, and therapeutic treatment services to survivors of sex slavery. The fundraiser will also help support the Unlikely Heroes’ outreach project in Oakland, California, which provides street-level support to children trapped in commercial sexual exploitation in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as additional international restoration projects. For more info visit unlikelyheroes.com

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