Bellafortuna’s Luxury Awards Gifting Suite at the Montage Beverly Hills

Danielle Robay - DSC_00012013-09-17 13.04.33DSC_0037Alexis Bellino & Danielle Robay - 2013-09-17 11.39.27DSC_0039DSC_0065
Alexis Bellino & Danielle Robay - DSC_0011Cindy Rocker - DSC_0077DSC_0067Danielle Robay - 2013-09-17 11.53.38Danielle Robay - 2013-09-17 12.21.58Danielle Robay - DSC_0023
Danielle Robay - DSC_0038DSC_0003Danielle Robay - DSC_0055DSC_0020Danielle Robay - DSC_0073Danielle Robay & Christina Milian - 2013-09-17 14.36.24
DJ Severe - DSC_0044DJ Severe - DSC_0045Danielle Robay & Christina Milian - DSC_0092DSC_0002DSC_0004DSC_0005

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Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report and host, Danielle Robay, were invited to come out to Bellafortuna’s annual Luxury Gifting Suite at the Montage Beverly Hills in honor of the Emmy’s.

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About Bellafortuna’s Luxury Gifting Suite

Guests enjoyed a beautiful view of L.A.’s iconic Canon Drive from the outdoor terrace of the hotel, while indulging in curated menu items by Executive Chef Gabriel Ask of the Montage Beverly Hills, specialty cocktails by Chambord, desserts from Sprinkles Cupcakes and liquid nitrogen-frozen Subzero ice-cream. Invited guests also experienced a fabulous array of luxurious fashion and lifestyle products including gift certificates from the Spa Montage Beverly Hills, makeup tips from Blushington, hair tips and products from Kim Vo Salon, designer sunglasses, handbags and jewelry from the luxury Italian brand, Feri, gift certificates from the 5 star Dorchester Collection hotel in London, wireless headphones from Parrot, makeup kits from Vera, neck and back relaxation mats from Bed of Nails, hand crafted diamond and platinum couture Beaudry Jewelry from the showroom at Montage Beverly Hills, soda maker machines from Soda Stream, nail treatments & products by Olive & June and exclusive private label Steve Harvey Bow Ties. WOW.

Bellafortuna is a successful brand integration and product placement company with a niche in the gifting suite industry focusing on launching luxury products into the market and getting brands into the hands of influential Hollywood decision makers. For more info please visit

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