Day 3 at D23 Expo, Ultimate Disney Fan Event #D23Expo

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Day 3 at D23 Expo, Ultimate Disney Fan Event #D23Expo, a set on Flickr.

Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report team were on hand for Day 2 of the D23 Expo, the Ultimate Disney Fan Event, and today was the biggest attendance day being sold out and the lines were proof! D23 is held every two years and showcases the past, present and future of Disney program at Anaheim Convention Center where the food menus and the fans reflect everything Disney.

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About D23
D23 Expo 2013 showcases the latest stars in the Disney universe and features the Disney Legends Awards which pays tribute to the talented folks who contribute to the Disney legacy. This year there is also an all-new Fan Art Contest for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Mary Poppins; an amazing 12,000 square-foot Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit featuring costumes, props, and set pieces from Disney’s rich history; plus live events, celebrity appearances, panels and presentations, sneak peeks, and unique experiences that celebrate the past, present, and future of Disney. Find out more here:

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