2nd Annual @IAWTV Awards #IAWTVAwards

Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0074Misty Kingma - DSC_0503Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0073Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0072Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0065Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0064
Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0063Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0060Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0057Beth Hoyt & Jack Ferry - DSC_0055Grace Helbig - DSC_0044Grace Helbig - DSC_0042
DSC_0033The Cast of Leap Year - DSC_0954DSC_0952Taryn O'Neil - DSC_0951Taryn O'Neil - DSC_0947Taryn O'Neil & Blake Calhoun -  DSC_0945
Taryn O'Neil & Blake Calhoun -  DSC_0940The Cast of Squaresville - DSC_0934The Cast of Squaresville - DSC_0933The Cast of Squaresville - DSC_0930The Cast of Squaresville - DSC_0928The Cast of Squaresville - DSC_0925

Via Flickr:
Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Misty Kingma, were on hand as the official media crew for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards arrivals and winners circle. The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) is part of the Entertainment Matters program at this year’s International CES. Out of the 470 officially submitted web series, live online events, and online channels a total of 34 winners were selected during the award show.

Be sure to visit our Red Carpet Report site for all the details on the winners and other events covered by Mingle Media TV including photos and interviews here at www.redcarpetreporttv.com.

The IAWTV Awards is an official web television industry awards show established for content creators, by content creators. Nominees for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards were chosen by majority vote of the active voting membership of the IAWTV from over 470 officially submitted web series, live online events, and online channels. www.iawtv.org

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