6th Annual Eco Emmy Celebrity Chateau Gifting Suite


Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host, Kirby Kristen, were invited to come out and cover 6th Annual Eco Emmy Celebrity Chateau Gifting Suite at a private Hancock Park Estate in Los Angeles honoring the 64th Annual EMMY Awards.

This year, the gifting suite will be bringing awareness to the charity Beat Liver Tumors and will provide information, education, support, and options for those affected by liver tumors, whether primary in the liver or metastatic orginating from cancer in http://www.beatlivertumors.org. Another charity honored during the event is the Guard A Heart Foundation where several musicians will be performing on the “With Every Beat, Guard A Heart” Stage. “Know Your Risk; Inspire Life” campaign and help us empower individuals to make heart disease prevention a part of their every day lifestyle.” Heart disease is preventable. http://www.guardaheart.org

For more info on this event please visit A Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite Sustainable Production at http://www.durkeinentertainmentgroup.com.

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