Fame at the Playboy Mansion Grammy Party

DSC_0005Playboy Bunnies - 0012Playboy Bunnies - 0013Playboy Bunnies - 0014Lisa D'Amato - 0025Lisa D'Amato - 0026
Lisa D'Amato - 0027Lisa D'Amato - 0028Misty Kingma - 0029Lisa D'Amato - 0030Lisa D'Amato - 0031Lisa D'Amato - 0032
Lisa D'Amato - 0034Brett Lockett & DeJuan Turrentine - 0038Brett Lockett & DeJuan Turrentine - 0039Brett Lockett & DeJuan Turrentine - 0040Brett Lockett & DeJuan Turrentine - 0041DSC_0044
Jenny McCarthy - 0047Jenny McCarthy - 0049Jenny McCarthy - 0052Jenny McCarthy - 0053Jenny McCarthy - 0054Jenny McCarthy - 0058

Last Grammy Red Carpet for the Week – Playboy Mansion

Mingle Media TV and host, Misty Kingma, were invited to come out and cover the “Fame At The Mansion” Playboy Mansion Post Grammy Awards Party Red Carpet. After the 54th Grammys Hollywood celebrities started arriving in their limousines, top entertainment industry taste-makers started mingling, the champagne started flowing, and we were there on the red carpet with a throng of photographers flashing.

The host of the event was entertainment mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Hugh Hefner was honored at this black tie event as the Angelwish “Humanitarian of the Year” for his commitment to helping charities and those in need.

Hugh Hefner, Humanitarian Award Recipient

Hugh Hefner, Humanitarian Award Recipient

The best part of all is that a portion of the proceeds of this party will benefit http://www.angelwish.org and help children in need.

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Special thanks to Billie Mitchell who put together the fashion show and managed all the VIPs for the event. http://www.supernovamodels.com, http://www.billiemitchellpr.com.

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