Bel-Air Film 2011 Festival Red Carpet Opening Night

IMG_0101IMG_0102IMG_0103IMG_0104Victor Alfieri - IMG_0119Victor Alfieri - IMG_0120
Victor Alfieri - IMG_0122Victor Alfieri - IMG_0124Victor Alfieri - IMG_0125Fraydun Manocherian - IMG_0142Fraydun Manocherian - IMG_0153Fraydun Manocherian - IMG_0157
Fraydun Manocherian - IMG_0158Christina Collard - IMG_0165Christina Collard - IMG_0167Christina Collard - IMG_0170Christina Collard - IMG_0172Christina Collard - IMG_0192
Christina Collard - IMG_0201Christina Collard - IMG_0202Babaloo Mandel & Loewell Ganz - IMG_0215Babaloo Mandel & Loewell Ganz - IMG_0218Babaloo Mandel & Loewell Ganz - IMG_0225Babaloo Mandel & Loewell Ganz - IMG_0227

Via Flickr:
The 4th Annual Bel-Air Film Festival (, an independent international film festival recognized for celebrating cinema in one of Southern California’s most prestigious and storied communities kicked off it’s opening night on October 12, 2011. Dedicated to film education and exploration, the Bel-Air Film Festival offers its filmmakers access to a series of film panels, exciting music performances, and networking opportunities with some of the industry’s top professionals. Film screenings include Documentaries, Animation, Short Films, Student Film and Comedy. The festival also hosts both opening and closing night galas.
To watch the Red Carpet Report video coverage of this event please visit Mingle Media TV at For photos of this event please visit our Flickr community at or to watch more red carpet coverage subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

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