Finalists in the #AudienceChoice Category: New Media Film Festival Announcement

Okay everyone… as promised, here are the finalists in the 2011 New Media Film Festival‘s Audience Choice Awards category, sponsored by Mingle Media TV Network.

One thing we want to share as you review the finalists is the date they entered the competition for votes – it didn’t matter if it was 2 days before voting ended or six months, they got their fan-base to support them. We did end up with 21 finalists as there was a tie for 20th place.

Congrats to all finalists and to everyone who entered the competition – please be sure to grab your laurels for your site to promote your involvement in this festival.

Finalist Audience Choice Awards 2011

Click here to VOTE for the 21 Finalists in the #AudienceChoice Awards

Webseries Entry Votes Voting Started
Travel Companions 4289  08-Feb-2011
The Unemployment of Danny London 629  24-Sep-2010
Crossing Blood Lines 396  29-Jan-2011
Lien on Me 343  24-Sep-2010
Masculathon 298  27-Mar-2011
Oblivion 239  24-Sep-2010
Illegal 228  24-Sep-2010
Looking at You 224  20-Feb-2011
Secret Millionaires 189  24-Sep-2010
CYPHERS 177  24-Sep-2010
The R.I.P. Files 172  12-Feb-2011
Shes Just Not That Into You 168  12-Mar-2011
Inappropriate Fairy Tales 141  24-Sep-2010
World of Holly Woodlands 136  28-Apr-2011
Miss Behave 133  08-Feb-2011
Asylum Web Series 132  28-Jan-2011
Sweet Tarts Take Away 129  09-Apr-2011
Naomi: The Show 115  28-Jan-2011
McCracken LIVE! 115  04-Jan-2011
The Puzzle Makers Son 113  24-Sep-2010
Cupid and Eros 113  28-Apr-2011

Tips for Final Voting Success:

There are many things that helped the finalists get their fans to vote for them… the following list are a few things that everyone who creates content for the web should be doing – not just for competitions but for views / audience and community building:


  • Follow people back (you don’t have to follow MLM, #TeamFollowBack or other “self-proclaimed Social Media Experts but definitely industry people)
  • Thank people for following you, introduce yourself, start a convo
  • ReTWEET people who promote you (there’s nothing worse than having someone tweet your promo to vote for you and you don’t thank them or RETWEET the message in honor of them)
  • Support your fellow creator – RETWEET their series announcements
  • Links matter – tweet YOUR series link in your tweets – use a shortener to get it all in 140 characters
  • Post your episodes, community activities (other creators) and info related to the industry on your page – it’s not all about you, sharing is caring
  • Link to your content on other sites
  • Embed videos so people can watch while on Facebook
  • LIKE other creator’s pages – help them get the word out and they will respond in kind
Blog Posts:
  • Start a blog and write a post a week telling your fan base what you’re doing
  • Embed an episode and tell the back story about the episode or interesting fact
  • Ask your fans what they liked or didn’t like about it
  • Use META TAGS, keywords to keep your content together on the page
  • YouTube will bring up other similar content from other people if you don’t
  • Keep your titles uniform and add a description with links back to your site, twitter, facebook so people can find you
  • Use annotations and create hotspots with links as a call to action
If you are creating for the Interwebs and are NOT building fans or community, ask yourself why not…. are you doing the above? If you are and still not getting anywhere… it’s time to ask a professional how to change things up for you.