Ep 6: The Byrd Theatre: The R.I.P. Files Web Series

The R.I.P. Files: The Byrd Theatre features an investigation at the famous movie house in Richmond, VA, and includes several EVPs, as well as some amazing interaction with the spirit of a little girl. The team also encounters what may be the ghost of the former general manager, who expresses his unhappiness at the paranormal investigation taking place in his establishment. Sean Hanover, R.I.P. Adept, conducts a ritual designed to help the spirits communicate more clearly and two investigators have a lively conversation via the Ouija board with a watcher named Zamex. The Byrd Theatre is a beautiful place, with plush velvet seats, colorful murals on the walls, marble floors, and an amazing crystal chandelier, R.I.P. President/Founder Patricia Marin commented. Its a state and national historic landmark and we feel very privileged to have been invited to conduct a filmed investigation there. Carol LaRiviere, R.I.P. Psychic Historian, added We had a great time at The Byrd Theatre and captured some outstanding evidence. Plus, its simply a wonderful place to explore and enjoy a movie or two and you dont want to miss the live organ show every Saturday night! You can watch all of the episodes of The R.I.P. Files now on the Mingle Media TV Network http://www.minglemediatv.com and on The R.I.P. Files channel: http://minglemediatv.com/RIPFiles.html. The R.I.P. Files is produced by The Marin Group, Inc., a video production company specializing in unique paranormal programming. The R.I.P. Files.explore the darkness. You can follow The R.I.P. Files on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/RIPfiles

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