Behind The Red Carpet: Road to the Oscars from the RNSH Style Hollywood 83rd Academy Awards Beauty Suite

Our coverage of the first Oscar’s gifting suite for Day 2 of Behind the Red Carpet: Road to the Oscars

Mingle Media TV Network and Kristyn Burtt were invited to come out to the The L’ Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills today for the special unveiling of the one-of-a-kind, Black Swan handbag created by Timmy Woods, celebrity handbag designer.

Timmy Woods Celebrity Handbags: One-of-a-Kind Black Swan Handbag

Timmy Woods Celebrity Handbags: One-of-a-Kind Black Swan Handbag

As with most gifting suites, celebrities are pampered and get beauty treatments in preparation for the big night as well as bejeweled by celebrity jewelry designer, Amyn the Jeweler.

Celebrity Handbag Designer TIMMY WOODS has created a one of a kind BLACK SWAN handbag that she will be unveiling along with celebrity ballerina’s Nadya and Golden Koscuik who train stars such as Penelope Cruz, Emmy Rossem, Brittany Murphy to name a few film stars. PLUS THE LEGENDARY HANSENS CAKES BEVERLY HILLS along with Amyn the Jeweler from Jewlery on 7th will unveil the most expensive baby cake ever made in honor of Ms. Natalie Portman’s baby.

Timmy Woods Celebrity Handbags

Timmy Woods Celebrity Handbags

Celebrity gifting suites are not just about the celebrities, for the past 15 years, (RNSH founder) Neal and his wife have produced the most talked about gifting suites and have selected as this year’s charity, ONEMAMA, a non-profit organization, to receive a donation of $15,000.00 from their gifting suites. OneMama is helping impoverished women deliver babies safely and receive proper media care & bringing medical care to pregnant women in Africa, Women in late term pregnancy travel by foot in Africa for miles in order to give birth with a midwife they trust. At times a single midwife nurtures all of the mothers and infants of an entire community this quite literally being one mother for all “ONEMAMA.” OneMama’s pilot program in Uganda consists of a building, solar medical clinic where midwives can provide safe post and prenatal care to their patients as well as teach about family planning OneMama will reach 250 communities around the globe in the years to come. As celebrities come to the RNSH suite they will be helping bring attention to ONEMAMA by signing ONEMAMA T-shirts which the organization will auction off.

Style Hollywood (RNSH) Academy Awards Ultimate Beauty Suite

Style Hollywood (RNSH) Academy Awards Ultimate Beauty Suite

We’d like to thank the Roger Neal Style Hollywood Academy Awards Beauty Suite for the invitation. For video interview coverage of this event, please visit the Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV.

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