Sharif Atkins at the 19th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala

Each year around Oscar? time, MOVIEGUIDE? hosts its annual Awards Show in Hollywood, where it rewards the best family-friendly movies and TV shows of the previous year (For more information, please go . It also rewards the best films for mature audiences and awards the $200,000 Epiphany Prizes for Inspiring Movies & TV sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation (, plus the $50,000 Kairos Prizes for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays by Beginning Screenwriters, also sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. In addition to the awards, MOVIEGUIDE? Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr presents his highly anticipated annual statistical analysis based on the magazine?s comprehensive reviews of movie content. His analysis consistently shows studio executives and filmmakers that family-friendly, spiritually uplifting content significantly increases the profitability of their movies. Special thanks to Howie Simon for inviting Mingle Media TV to cover this event for a second year. For more information about Legacy Media Relations please visit: To watch video interviews and see our Red Carpet coverage, please visit Mingle Media TV at

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