Bradford Anderson at the Cupid and Eros Web Series Wrap/Launch Party

Mingle Media TV was invited to come out and cover the Cupid and Eros Wrap Party. The Cupid and Eros web series is about the adventures of Cupid (yes, that cupid) and his best friend Eros. A series about life, love, and godly intervention. Follow the adventures of Love Gods Cupid and Eros as they try to figure out what this thing they create really means and how to find it form themselves when a heart tipped arrow just doesn?t seem to do the trick. Watch the series on Mingle Media TV Network at ies.html where you can also see Cupid’s Vlog and webcasts from Eros. There’s even a clip from Olympus Muse (think American Idol). More info on this series can be found at

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