Preview: THE R.I.P. Files: St Albans Sanitarium Episode #5 Trailer

R.I.P.s recent investigation at the abandoned St. Albans sanatorium has resulted in approximately a dozen EVPs, several instances of team members being touched (including a new camera person on his first paranormal shoot), and for several investigators their first visible to the naked eye sighting of a golf ball-sized ball of light. Many of these experiences were captured on film and will be included in the upcoming The R.I.P. Files: St. Albans episode of the Internet TV series, The R.I.P. Files. St. Albans, located in Radford, VA, started out as a private school for boys, founded by George Miles in 1892. The school was named for the famous St. Albans School near London which was founded in 948 AD. The school, however, was not to last even two decades and closed in 1911. In 1915, Dr. John King purchased the property and established St. Albans Sanatorium, a psychiatric hospital with very progressive ideas. Patients were treated here until the 1990s. You can watch all of the episodes of The R.I.P. Files now on the Mingle Media TV Network and on The R.I.P. Files channel: The R.I.P. Files is produced by The Marin Group, Inc., a video production company specializing in unique paranormal programming. The R.I.P. Files.explore the darkness. You can follow The R.I.P. Files on Facebook at:

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