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Learn Your “ABC’s” Online for Preschoolers thru Kindergarten

As we have a lot of Mom’s coming to Mingle Media TV (and have some Mom’s who host web shows here as well), we wanted to share this amazing new program that we heard about: The Early Learning Academy.

ABCMouse.comImagine an online environment that was developed especially for your children, ages 2-6 where they can engage in a safe environment where learning their ABC’s can also teach them those life skills that are so necessary – “mousing around” with a computer mouse (hence the name).

The patent-pending educational content and delivery methods developed especially for will help young children thoroughly learn educational basics in reading, math, beginning science, social studies, art and music. The website is the first to offer this type of educational content for early learners and even includes a unique reward system that not only recognizes your child’s accomplishments, but encourages them to continue to progress.

From my experience as a mother, I know that every child excels differently, not just by skills but by topic so having a system that tracks that for you will help you with your child’s development as they grow enabling you to see where they may need extra help, either in math or reading skills (as an example). Don’t wait for those quarterly reports – stay on top of your child’s progress with a program like

From ABC’s and 123’s to Thank You and Please, is “Bringing Learning to Life” by offering more than 2,000 individual learning activities, including online books, games, songs, puzzles, art activities and printables contained within more than 350 custom lesson plans spanning six academic levels-all tailored for preschool-, pre-k- and kindergarten-aged children.

Here’s one of my favorite points: Unlike most other children’s websites, has no advertising, pop-up ads, or links to other websites, so children can learn and explore with their parents or teachers or on their own, depending on their age and experience, in a safe and secure online environment.

Cost?? The Early Learning Academy is available to families on a low-cost subscription basis (Subscription options for $7.95/month and $79.00/year) and allows up to three children per household for one low fee. In addition, the company has announced that at launch, the Early Learning Academy will be available free of charge to all public schools throughout the United States and Canada that apply for the program.

What are you waiting for? Check out and give your children the gift of learning (yeah, I know… they need their own computer… we’ll get them writing letters to Santa).

You can explore by watching the following interviews and program overview here…click.