The Ghost Girls: Paranormal Web TV on Mingle Media TV (Episode 4)

The Ghost Girls: Paranormal, Replay from LIVE Web TV broadcast on Wiccan high priest demonstrates casting a circle and discusses Samhain – Watch this video as Wiccan High Priest and professional psychic medium Bob Hickman talks about creating an alter and consecrating sacred space in which to connect with the forces of the universe. Bob also talks about the origin and meaning of Halloween (Samhain in the Wiccan “Wheel of the Year”) and how to honor the gifts of this very special season and plan your very own new beginning. The live broadcast on October 19th with spirit psychic mediums Bob Hickman ( and Rene Garcia (, “The Ghost Girls,” a monthly live show on the dynamic new Mingle Media TV Network hosted by paranormal investigators Pat and Lisa, will feature these two talented psychic mediums taking questions from viewers in the Chat Room. Questions can range from financial concerns to personal relationships to career issues to requests for messages from loved ones in spirit. This is a great opportunity to observe two talented psychic mediums at work OR to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a reading, absolutely FREE. Bob Hickman is a professional psychic medium who has done readings for thousands of people, including a number of celebrities. Rene Garcia has been communciating with his guides and with those in spirit since childhood. During Tuesday’s show, they will work together to bring through the most accurate information they can in order to provide the knowledge that viewers are seeking.

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