Axel Wedekind & Stephen Manuel at 3D Film Festival Red Carpet and Premiere Coverage

Mingle Media TV was invited to come out and cover the opening of the 3D Film Festival and the Premiere of StreetDance 3D. The festival is running through October 3rd 2010. THE 3D FILM FESTIVAL 1641 N. IVAR AVENUE HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028 3DFF.ORG 323-785-2389 For more detailed information about the event schedule, tickets, or press junkets please visit or contact The Dream Factory at (415) 871-1707. About The Dream Factory/3DFF The Dream Factory Studio, with primary offices in Hollywood is the world leader in interactive live 3D events. 3DFF is noted as the first digital 3D film & interactive festival program of its kind in the United States. To become a supporter of 3DFF or for more information please visit or About RealD Inc. RealD is a leading global licensor of 3D technologies. RealD’s extensive intellectual property portfolio is used in applications that enable a premium 3D viewing experience in the theater, the home and elsewhere. For more information, please visit our website About Sony Sony?s Digital Cinema Solutions group combines Sony?s full range of technologies, purchasing options, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. For more information, visit About Los Angeles Film School The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) is an accredited college with a campus located in the heart of Hollywood that includes the historic RCA Building at 6363 Sunset Boulevard. For more information about LAFS, please visit or call (323) 860-0789 Thanks to the Prism Media Group for inviting us for more info visit To see video coverage of this event please visit Mingle Media TV at

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