KessPro Studios, Sponsor of the Manhattan Short Film Festival on the Red Carpet Los Angeles Event

Mingle Media TV is the proud media sponsor of the Manhattan Short Film Festival, hosted by the New Media Film Festival, kicking off the global festival being held in 203 locations for 7 days around the world and Los Angeles is the first city to kick it off. ( As the festival’s media partner, we will also be publishing the interviews on the internet with tags on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Blip.TV to name a few. There was also a special screening a short film by Alex Ferrari, Red Princess Blues, as a bonus. This filmmaker released their short film as an iPad/iPhone app and is getting a lot of visibility for his work in this medium. Los Angeles Screening of the Manhattan Short Film Festival Location: Kess Pro Studios, Los Angeles 435 South Molino Street, LA CA 90013 (easy parking behind and across the street from building). The full details on the 10 finalists are listed here: ml The UK, Watching Croatia, Party, Ireland, The Pool Mexico, Underground France, Madagascar Australia, Push Bike Canada, A Little Inconvenience Poland, Echo Germany, 12 years Italy, War The New Media Film Festival ( is proud to be the Los Angeles sponsor of this event in conjunction with KessPro Studios and Showbiz Store and Caf?. Our partnering cinemas are situated in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America, including venues in all 50 States of the United States and Africa. The most intriguing part of this festival is the selection of the winners. The audiences at each venue will receive a voting card and asked to vote for the ONE film that they think should win. The cards are collected by each festival venue and submitted to the MANHATTAN SHORT HQ where the winner will be announced on Sunday October 3rd in NYC. Out of 440 entries received from 43 countries around the world, MANHATTAN SHORT selected 10 short films as finalists. Each film is 15 minutes or under in length. Countries represented this year include Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Croatia, Ireland, Mexico, France, Poland and Italy in what festival organizers describe as the ?United Nations of film festivals.? These short films will not only entertain a global audience but will be judged by them as well. Filmgoers will be handed a voting card upon entry and asked to vote for the one film they feel should win. Votes are tallied at each participating cinema and submitted to festival headquarters where the winner will be announced in New York City on Sunday, October 3 at 10:00 pm. With past finalists achieving the ultimate in recognition by being nominated and even winning the Oscar in the short film category, the Manhattan Short has become known as a testing ground for the next big thing. In one week, over 100,000 people from as far north as St. Petersburg, Russia to as far south as Buenos Aires, Argentina, as far east as Katmandu, Nepal and as far west as Perth, Australia will come together to view and vote on these 10 films. ?While the goal of any festival is to discover and promote new talent, the real aim of this festival is to bring communities together via stories from around the world,? says Nicholas Mason, MANHATTAN SHORT founder and director. For more information on about the coverage from the Los Angeles screening – please visit Mingle Media TV at

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