A Love Filled-Horror Story?

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I am a sucker for a good dating series… going from the dates that our heroine in the web series “Dating in the Middle Ages” faces to the very depths of true horror dating in the short film “The Horror of Our Love” from Elftwin Films, there’s no loss for these story tellers in conveying their search for true love while coupling it with music.

We met Dave Reda, the director, writer and actor of this short film at the HollyShorts last month and loved what he had to say about the industry and competing in festivals. Check out our interview here:

The Horror of Our Love, short film, is a combo horror/comedy/love story that is based on the song by the band Ludo. As this film is still in the festival rounds, it is not available online for you to view… but you can listen to the song that inspired Dave Reda to write this entertaining but short – short!

Stay tuned… there will be more awesomeness coming from this filmmaker (award winning filmmaker, we’d like to add).

Calling All the Single Ladies… in LaLaLand (Los Angeles)

Turbo Dates, Speed Dates, Fix-ups, Blind Dates, Internet Dating, Church Socials, Dating co-workers, Matchmakers, Chance Encounters….where does a single girl go to find a quality man today?


Exactly what I thought, there is no good place. So I Googled “dating” and of course, I found an article on dating in Los Angeles. It’s pretty much a guide of where to go on a date. UGH!!!

It’s not easy to be single in a big city or small city. We can get frustrated or we can look for humor. Half full or half empty? Which are you?

Well, I found an awesome new web series that takes the wonderful world of dating and made it tolerable by adding some music to the nightmare dates that the lead finds herself in. It’s called “Dating in the Middle Ages” and is written by Devin Mills. Let me share the preview with you before I tell you how you can come to the LIVE premiere on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Doesn’t that just look like an awesome web series for those who have loved… and lost? And loved and cried, and is still hopeful??

You can come out to the awesome PREMIERE and support the Single Ladies… (and men) and see my heart throb “John Schneider” by clicking here and purchasing your ticket! It’s this Sunday and it will be worth every last moment of your time… I promise, cause, I’ll be there and we’ll have a great time. Come out and keep the dream alive!!! There is a Mr. Right out there, you just have to kiss a lot of Mr. Wrong’s to get to him.


“What is your worst dating story?” Share it here and you could win some cool prizes!!

FYI – Mingle Media TV will be covering the Red Carpet… so we’ll have photos and video interviews for those of you who are not in LA – but if you’re in LA – Please come out and support Devin Mills – solidarity sisters!