The R.I.P. Files: Civil War Museum at The Exchange Hotel Web Series

“The R.I.P. Files” Civil War Museum at The Exchange Hotel is the first of 10 episodes which will be aired on Mingle Media TV along with a Monthly LIVE Web TV Talk Show with “The R.I.P. Files” Creators Pat Marin and Lisa Linden. Fan “The R.I.P. Files” on Facebook at and the Ghost girls at Watch All Episodes and LIVE Broadcasts on Mingle Media TV at Location Background: The Civil War Museum at the Exchange Hotel is in Gordonsville VA and is now a museum w/ three floors of displays in an 1860 railroad hotel and houses a world-renowned collection of artifacts relating to medical care during the Civil War. The Civil War displays of uniforms and weapons and surgical artifacts remind the visitor of the era when the building served as a Battlefield Receiving Hospital-the scene of untold agony and death, the building survived the conflict and is the only Receiving Hospital still standing in Virginia. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. acquired and restored the property in 1971. It was recognized and placed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 14, 1973 and acknowledged as an African-American Memorial Site in June of 2002. for more information visit

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