Why Web Series Suck: Feel Good Film Festival – New Media Panel Event

> August 14th 2010: From the Panel Description: In the last decade a new form of entertainment has erupted onto small screens across America. But we aren’t talking about television, we’re talking computers, cell phones, and now ipads. The content in question, the web series, has existed as long as sites like youtube have provided an outlet for creators to display their work. It’s a place of viral videos sneezing panda’s, one of celebrity cameos, and violent, schadenfreude laced moments where we can watch a man fall down three flights of stairs not serious attempts at serialized entertainment. Many regard web content as a diversion, a nice place to visit but not the sort of place serious actors, writers, directors, or producers would ever consider calling home. Why watch web videos when I can watch better material on TV? Aren’t web videos just bad TV done even worse? Isn’t a web series a refuge for talentless people who can’t hack it in real TV? And what about production values, good writing, and decent acting? Join a panel of film and television critics as the Feel Good Film Festival puts web content on trial in this lively, interactive screening of some of the hottest web content do to premiere this year. Along the way you’ll maybe discover the next great hit show isn’t on TV at all, but streaming on a laptop near you. Is the webseries a fad or is it the future? You decide! Some of the Participating Series Include: ALIEN NINJA – World Premiere MY FUTURE GIRLFRIEND – World Premiere THE TREASURE HUNT: A CHAD, MATT, AND ROB INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE – World Premiere THE LEGEND OF NEIL ABIGALE’S TEENAGE DIARY for more information on the Feel Good Film Festival visit http://www.fgff.org More information on Mingle Media TV visit: http://www.minglemediatv.com