ITVFest Wednesday: My Favorite Screening: Olga Kay’s Circus

Much has been said about this video but speaking purely from my heart and love of the circus of old… I loved this video! I loved the creativity. First of all it has a simple premise… and can’t or shouldn’t be compared to the theatrical Cirque de Soleil of today. This took me back to my childhood (no, I won’t tell you how far back that is) but watching this transported me back to a place where I loved to be as a child, the special treat, in a big tent where wide-eyed children sat on the edge of their seats and waited for the next act… and where there were 3 rings… looking from ring to ring with open mouths in wonderment… and wishing we could do that!

Choicing your own destiny is the simple story line for this elaborately visual tale. This video reminded me of how simple life can be if we follow our dreams and do what we want. I can tell you that what I wanted to be growing up is a far cry from what I do today (and which I love)… however, if I were to have done what I wanted, would it have really been what I would have stayed with?

A few years ago I was in the Silicon Valley rat race as a marketing executive in Tech… and before that in Newspapers… and out of college, a medical technologist (yeah like the ones in the hospital labs that run tests on your blood etc…)…. and no, none of those were what I dreamed of doing (which was be like my Daddy, and carry a gun – Police). Seems Mark Gantt of The Bannen Way and I both had similar aspirations as kids. But my father, like Olga’s mother did not want that for their child. I will tell you that my father told me he never thought I would be a successful “career woman” and that was a huge compliment, not because he thought I would suck – but he just did not see that dream for me, and yet, it was a destiny that I would fulfill…

What are you waiting for… watch the video and explore your passions.

Oh yeah… there is ONE day left at the ITVFest… and YOU can go check it out. Don’t read about it go live it.

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One final screening at 5:00 – The Dojo, Hot on The Red Carpet and The Wine Guy Unplugged

Awards ceremony at 7, After party at 8.  This event is open to the public, but seating is limited. If you can’t be at 8000 Sunset Boulevard, you can still watch the awards ceremony live at Follow them on Twitter: @itvfest