Urban Wolf at ITVFest Gala 2010 Red Carpet Interview: Vincent Sze, Laurent Touil-Tartour

Mingle Media TV coverage of the Red Carpet and opening Gala Event for the 2010 ITVFest with correspondent Kristyn Burtt (Independent TV Festival) http://www.minglemediatv.com Find out more about the ITVFest 2010 by visiting the site http://www.itvfest.org — Watch Urban Wolf here http://www.crackle.com/c/Urban_Wolf Starring: Vincent Sze, Jean-Guillaume Le Dantec, Bill Dunn, Brock, Jacques Bounich Director: Laurent Touil-Tartour Red Carpet, easy to assemble, Illeana Douglas, kristyn burtt, Jamie Kennedy, Eric Lange, ,easytoassemble, itvfest, itvfest.org, celebrities, mingle media tv, mmtvn, angela rawna, Deal O’Neal, Christian Cisneros, Cooper Harris, Emmett Furey, Hot on the Red Carpet, Fall of Kaden, James Denton, OPEN, Rachel Reenstra, Rick Peters, SOLO the Series, Squatters, Scott Thompson, Stephanie Thorne, Taryn O’Neill, Suck and Moan, Ballad of Mary and Ernie, Tom Malloy, Urban Wolf, Wilson Cleveland

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